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The default location for storing HTML templates is in the templates folder of the BreezeBrowser Pro installation directory. If you plan to edit the existing templates or create your own you may prefer to store the templates elsewhere so that they are easier to backup e.g. in "My Documents". To do this either type in the new location for the templates or click on the "..." to use the folder browser to select the location. Please note that no templates will be listed in the HTML dialog if the template base directory is set incorrectly.


Web browsers use sRGB color space for displaying images and this can give incorrect colors if you use a different color space for your images (e.g. AdobeRGB). To avoid this problem select "Convert images with embedded color profiles to sRGB" to instruct the HTML generator to convert images to sRGB color space. This will only affect TIFF and JPEG images containing embedded color profiles.


The Windows filing system is case insensitive (e.g. the filenames "BreezeBrowser.htm" and "breezebrowser.htm" represent the same file) and this can cause problems when publishing HTML pages on the web which is case sensitive. This can be very frustrating when pages are displayed correctly when tested locally but have broken links when uploaded to the web. To avoid this problem select "Convert filenames to lower case" to get the HTML generator to use lower case filenames for images and pages.


The default output directory for HTML pages is a directory called HTML created in the same directory as the images. Sometimes it is convenient to use a different output directory and for BreezeBrowser Pro to remember the location of this directory. Select "Remember HTML output directory name" to get the HTML generator to use the same HTML directory each time. Please take care not to overwrite existing HTML pages when using this option.


By default IPTC data is not copied to images created by the HTML generator. Select "Copy IPTC data to main image" if you want IPTC data to be copied to the main image.


Use the home page edit box to specify the location of your home page. The HTML generator will replace the @homeURL@ token in the templates with the value entered here.


The @next@ and @prev@ tokens in HTML templates generate hypertext links with the default text "Next" and "Prev". Use the "@prev@ text" and "@next@ text" to replace this with text of your own choosing.


The default behavior of the HTML generator is to create the HTML pages and images in the same directory and use "_std" as a suffix for main images and "_thm" for thumbnails. A separate sub directory can be specified for both main images and thumbnails. It is also possible to change the suffix used for the main and thumbnail images. The suffix can be empty in which case the images will have the same name as the original images. If the main and thumbnail image suffixes are the same (or both empty) they must be stored in different directories.


Several of the HTML templates shipped with BreezeBrowser Pro use the @owner@ token for the copyright text. @owner@ is used to extract the owner name from the EXIF data in Canon images and the artist EXIF field in non-Canon images. You may override this by selecting "Use name specified below" in the "@owner@ Token" section and entering the text to be used in the edit box.


Some online mapping systems (e.g. Google Maps) require a key to be entered in order to display web pages containing maps. The key can be entered in the "Map key:" field and can be accessed in the HTML templates using the token @mapKey@.