Image editor

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Use this to specify how BreezeBrowser Pro should edit images.




You may specify two different editors - the primary editor and the secondary editor. The primary editor can be configured to use the Windows "Open" command or may be specified using the pathname of the editor e.g. C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop CS\Photoshop.exe. The secondary editor may only be specified using a command line. Press on the "..." browse button on the right to select the editor.


The Windows "Open" command option will attempt to open the file using the application that Windows has associated with the image's file extension. This will have the same effect as double-clicking on the image in Windows Explorer.


Most image editors are unable to read raw files directly and so they need to be converted to another format first e.g. TIFF or JPEG. If your editor does support the reading of raw files you can select "Editor supports raw files". When this option is set and you select "Edit Image" for a raw file the file is passed directly to your image editor. If it is not set the dialog below will be displayed asking whether you wish to convert the raw file before editing or send a previously converted image to the editor.