Raw conversion

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Click on 'Append "L" to linear and "C" to combined conversion filenames' if you would like different filenames to be used for different types of raw conversion. This can be useful when you want to try different raw conversion methods on a single image and compare the images to select the best results. e.g. When this option is selected and the file crw_0123.crw is converted using combined conversion and saved as a JPEG the files is saved as crw_0123c.jpg.


The default location to write files converted from raw files is a subdirectory named "CONVERTED". You can override this by unchecking the "Put converted files..." check box and specifying a different location. The directory can be an absolute pathname (e.g. "D:\Photos\Converted") or a pathname relative to the image directory (e.g. ".\Converted"). Enter '.' if you would like converted images to be stored in the same directory as the originals (Note: you will need to refresh the directory by hitting F5 to see the converted files).


You can also set the dpi of TIFF files created when converting raw images. This doesn't affect the actual pixels written to the file but is useful when printing images with Photoshop.


Use the thread priority drop-down list to specify the priority of BreezeBrowser Pro when converting raw files. Set it to "High" to get the fastest possible conversion when you do not wish to use your computer for other things during the conversion process. Set the priority to "Low" if you wish BreezeBrowser Pro to convert images in the background while using your computer for other things. "Normal" priority is a good compromise between conversion speed and processor usage.


BreezeBrowser Pro can embed a color profile in JPEG, PNG or TIFF images when converting raw images. You can specify separate color profiles for normal and linear raw conversion for each camera model. Please select your camera model from the drop down list and then define which profiles should be used for normal and linear raw conversion.


The color space for Canon EOS 10D, 1D and 1DS raw files can be specified as sRGB or AdobeRGB during raw conversion. Select the "Auto embed sRGB profile" and/or "Auto embed AdobeRGB profile" options if you want BreezeBrowser Pro to use the raw conversion color space setting to automatically select the sRGB or AdobeRGB color profiles when converting raw files from the Canon EOS 10D, 1D or 1DS.

NOTE: Windows 98 users may need to copy the sRGB and AdobeRGB profile files into the BreezeBrowser Pro profiles directory for this feature to work (profile files "sRGB Color Space Profile.icm" and "AdobeRGB.icc").


When a monitor color profile is also selected BreezeBrowser Pro will use this to display raw preview images (see raw conversion).

NOTE: Embedding a color profile in an image does not change the image data. It simply provides information about the color space represented by the image data.


AboutDigicam.com have very kindly supplied some sample color profiles for Canon cameras which can be found in the "Profiles" directory where BreezeBrowser Pro is installed (usually C:\Program Files\BreezeSys\BreezeBrowserPro\Profiles). These include linear (for use with linear conversion of raw files) and non-linear profiles for the Canon Powershot G1, G2, G3, EOS D30, EOS D60, EOS 10D and EOS 1D cameras. Many more profiles (e.g, Infra red B&W and color profiles, sepia and "Velvia" high saturation profiles) may be purchased from their website: http://www.aboutdigicam.com