Raw File Conversion

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Raw files can be converted using BreezeBrowser Pro's built-in raw converter or your normal image editor (e.g. Photoshop or Photoshop Elements).


Press the "Raw" button in the toolbar to use BreezeBrowser Pro's raw conversion. The rest of this chapter describes the various settings available when processing raw images. Please see the section on post processing for details on how to apply auto levels, lens distortion correction, image resizing, sharpening etc. when converting raw images.


You can use a different program to convert raw images by adding the program to the image editor preferences and selecting "Editor supports raw". Then right click on the raw file and select "Edit image" to pass the raw file to the editor for raw conversion.


Raw conversion on computers with small displays


Some computers, e.g. netbooks, have low resolution displays which may not be large enough to display the whole of the raw conversion window. This can mean that the "Convert" and "Convert Selected" buttons are not visible and cannot be clicked to start the raw conversion. If this is the case you can use the following keyboard shortcuts instead:

Ctrl+K                Convert the current raw file (equivalent to clicking on the "Convert" button)

Ctrl+Alt+K        Convert the selected raw files (equivalent to clicking on the "Convert Selected" or "Convert All" button)


Renaming of output files

The default setting for output filenames is the same filename as the source file being converted. Images can also be renamed using similar tokens to batch rename. To enable this select the "Rename output files" checkbox and enter the rename template in the text box. Only the filename part without the file extension should be entered (the file extension is added automatically).

e.g. to prefix the original filename with the time the photo was taken use: %t_%o