Breeze Systems Announces BreezeBrowser Pro

6th December, 2004 : Breeze Systems today announced BreezeBrowser Pro, new version of their well known image browser, raw conversion, and web page generation software.

BreezeBrowser Pro filmstrip view

Image comparison window

Company Founder and Director Chris Breeze said “Professionals love the speed and simplicity with which they can review images using BreezeBrowser. The new BreezeBrowser Pro introduces a unique combined conversion facility, outstandingly fast image browsing and side by side image comparison.”

BreezeBrowser Pro gives photographers the toolset they need to:

  • Convert, resize, sharpen and level raw images for Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta and Olympus cameras
  • Enhance recovered highlight colors with BreezeBrowser Pro’s unique combined raw conversion for Canon cameras including EOS-1Ds MkII, 20D, 1D MkII and Pro1.
  • Browse images incredibly quickly in several modes
  • Display most major image formats including raw, JPEG, TIFF and Adobe DNG.
  • Extensive handling of EXIF shooting and IPTC data plus raw+JPEG handling
  • Rotate JPEGS losslessly
  • Generate attractive web pages simply and quickly
  • Caption, watermark and include online ordering on web pages
  • Print contact sheets or output them to file
  • Batch process images and galleries

Chris Breeze explained BreezeBrowser Pro’s unique and highly sophisticated combined raw conversion for Canon cameras:
“Normal conversion has the advantage of producing images with good colors which are ready for printing or web display with little or no post processing. One of the problems with normal conversion is a tendency to clip the highlights resulting in loss of detail in these areas.
BreezeBrowser Pro's combined raw conversion converts the image twice: once using normal conversion and once with settings optimized for highlight detail. The two images are then analyzed and merged to give a unique single image which combines the excellent colors and shadow detail of normal conversion with improved highlight detail.”

Models supported include Canon’s EOS-1Ds MkII, 1D MkII, 20D, 10D, 300D and many PowerShot cameras.

BreezeBrowser Pro raw conversion also supports Nikon, Pentax, Minolta and Olympus cameras.

Professional photographers demand professional support, and Breeze Systems has an outstanding reputation for customer support. BreezeBrowser Pro customers will benefit from priority email support and enhanced online support.

BreezeBrowser Pro is Windows based software developed and marketed by Breeze Systems Ltd. Available at an introductory price of US $59.95 or US $74.90 bundled with the new Breeze Downloader Pro 1.6; the price includes one year’s free upgrades. Existing BreezeBrowser customers upgrade for US $25.
Download a free trial 15 day trial from

BreezeBrowser Pro users should upgrade to Downloader Pro v1.6 in order to be able to launch BreezeBrowser Pro from Downloader Pro. Downloader Pro v1.6 was released on 3rd December 2004 and is a free upgrade to all existing Downloader Pro customers.

Breeze Systems - innovative, affordable and reliable software for digital photographers since 2001.

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