Batch Editing IPTC Data

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BreezeBrowser Pro can edit IPTC data in individual files or apply changes to several files in one go. When the IPTC editor is selected from BreezeBrowser Pro's main view all the images capable of holding IPTC data are listed in the IPTC dialog. In thumbnail view only the selected images which can hold IPTC data are loaded in the IPTC dialog. When two or more images are loaded in the IPTC dialog the "< Prev" and "Next >" buttons are enabled and an extra button labeled "Apply to All" (or "Apply to Selected in thumbnail mode) is displayed as shown below:




The filename of the current image is displayed in the dialog's title bar and the image number and total number of images are displayed under the "< Prev"and "Next >" buttons. Use the previous and next buttons or the mouse wheel to step through the images. Any changes made to the IPTC data for the current image are saved before displaying the next image. Clicking on the "Apply" button will save the IPTC data in the current image only and will not affect the other images.


Click on the "Apply to Selected" button to apply the IPTC data to all the selected images. The following dialog will be displayed asking how the IPTC data should be added to the images:




You can choose whether to merge or replace entries in the keyword, supplemental categories, IPTC scene and IPTC subject code lists. For example suppose an image already contains the following keywords: "one", "two" and the IPTC dialog contains the keywords: "three", "four". Merging will result in the following keywords: "one", "two", "three", "four" whereas replacing results in: "three", "four".


Select the "Use EXIF date/time for 'Date Created'" checkbox to automatically use the EXIF date and time the photo was taken for the "Date created" and "Time created" IPTC fields.


The "Leave existing entry if new entry is empty" checkbox controls whether empty fields in the IPTC should delete existing entries in the selected images. Most of the time it is probably best to leave this box checked. Uncheck it if you want to write the same IPTC data to all images and discard any existing IPTC.


The "Do not replace existing fields unless they are empty" checkbox controls whether new data entered in the IPTC dialog should overwrite existing IPTC data in the image. For example you may have added individual captions for some of the images and want to add a generic caption to the remaining images. You can do this by selecting this checkbox.


Click on "Cancel" if you do not wish to add the IPTC data to all the selected images.