Full size images

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To print an image full size you must first switch to main view and display the image to be printed. Then select Print Preview to preview the printed output or Print to print the image.


Use the Page Setup dialog to adjust the layout of the page. The output DPI setting specifies the number of dots (i.e. pixels) per inch output to the printer. For most inkjet printers a value of around 240dpi should produce good results. This value should not be confused with the resolution of the printer which may be between 1200 and 2880dpi (inkjet printers output different colors by "dithering" several ink dots and need many ink dots to accurately render the color of each pixel).


The "Resize image to fit page" checkbox tells BreezeBrowser Pro what to do if the image is smaller than the printable area on the paper. If this value is unchecked the image will not be resized and its size will be determined by the size of the image and the output DPI setting e.g.

An image 1200x720 pixels with an output DPI setting of 240dpi will be printed as 5 inches (1200 pixels / 240dpi) by 3 inches (720 pixels / 240dpi).


If the "Resize image to fit page" checkbox is checked the image will be resized using high quality interpolation so that it fits the printable area at the specified output DPI. Taking the same image as the example above and printing on paper which has a printable area of 10 inches by 8 inches the image would be scaled by 200% to fit the page. The printed image will be 10 inches by 6 inches, printed at 240dpi (2400 pixels x 1440 pixels).


The "Crop image to fit printable area" checkbox will crop the image top and bottom or left and right so that it fits the printable area of the page. This option is normally intended to be used when printing borderless prints when it is necessary to crop the image so that it fills the page.


Use the "Image Placement" dropdown list to specify where the image will be printed on the page. "Top, left justified" will place the image in the top left corner of the printable area of the page. "Top justified" places the image at the top of the printable area and centers it between the left and right margins.


To print the image as large as possible set the image placement to "Center in printable area" and select "Resize image to fit page" and "rotate image to fit page".


Many printers have a maximum printing area which has larger margins at the top and bottom than at the left and right. If the maximum printing area is used (i.e. fit image to page is selected) this can result in an uneven margin around the image. To avoid this set the image placement to "Center on page" and BreezeBrowser Pro will ensure that the top, bottom, left and right borders are all the same size.


Select "Rotate image to fit page" to fill the page with the image. When this option is selected BreezeBrowser Pro will rotate the image if required so that it fills the page. e.g. when printing an image with landscape orientation when the printer is set to portrait orientation BreezeBrowser Pro will rotate the image to portrait to make best use of the printable area.


For more control over the printed image use proofs to create images sharpened and resized as required.