Getting Started

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Viewing files

BreezeBrowser Pro can display large images in main view, a series of smaller thumbnails in thumbnail view or a combination of both in filmstrip view.



Main View


Thumbnail View


Filmstrip View


You can also display your images full screen using slideshowor view them actual size in the View Actual Image window.

Up to four images can be displayed together to help select the best shot in the Image Comparison Window.

Right click on an image and select "Image Properties" to display a summary of the camera settings used to take the picture.


Rotating images and adding comments

Click on the "rotate left" or "rotate right" buttons in the toolbar to rotate your images. BreezeBrowser Pro rotates JPEG images with no loss of image quality.

Right click on an image and select "Edit comments" to add a comment to an image. More detailed captions can be added using the IPTC editor (IPTC is a standard used by press photographers to store information like location, copyright and headlines in images).


Organizing files

Drag and drop images in the thumbnail view to organize them into different folders.

Use the batch rename function to rename your images using shooting data stored in each image such as the date the picture was taken.


Creating web galleries

Select some images by clicking on them in the thumbnail view. Hold the Ctrl key down to select more than one image or the shift key to select a group of images. Then right click on one of the selected images and select "HTML..." from the menu to create HTML galleries of your pictures for your website. BreezeBrowser Pro comes with many predefined gallery styles which you can use or you can write your own templates.


Converting raw files

BreezeBrowser Pro can convert raw files from nearly 40 different cameras using its built-in raw converter. You can also use BreezeBrowser Pro to view and organize your raw files and convert them in your favorite image editor.


Printing contact sheets

Print attractive contact sheets straight to your printer or print to file and get them printed by your photo lab.

Use page setup to define the layout of the contact sheet and to add captions under each thumbnail.


Creating proofs

The proofs function lets you batch process groups of files and automatically resize, level, sharpen, add watermarks or captions etc. Use proofs to prepare sets of images for printing or to convert from one image format to another.