Ranking images in the slideshow

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The ranking of an image can be set by pressing the number keys 1 to 5. Pressing the 0 key will set the ranking to none. If "Advance after ranking/tagging" is selected (by typing Ctrl+R or by right clicking and selecting it from the slideshow menu) the next image will be displayed after pressing one of the ranking keys (1 to 5 or 0) or when tagging/untagging an image. This option is useful if you wish to rank a large number of images.


You can also increase the ranking by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing cursor up and decrease it by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing cursor down. You may also use the Shift key to avoid accidentally rotating images when you move to the next image (Ctrl+Cursor Right rotates an image). Please see the section on Image Ranking for more details on ranking images.


Tip: Edit the slideshow caption to include @ranking@ to display the ranking for the image. To do this right click the mouse and select "Edit caption text, font and color..." from the menu (See Display options for details)