Shortcuts/links to files

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BreezeBrowser Pro can display shortcuts to images in a folder using the standard Windows shortcut files. When an image is displayed in thumbnail view which is a shortcut (or link) to another image it is displayed with the shortcut icon at the top of the thumbnail as shown below:




A red cross is displayed in the thumbnail if the image the shortcut is pointing to is not available e.g. it has been renamed, moved or deleted.


When an image is a shortcut the certain operations only apply to the shortcut and don't affect the image it links to. Copy, move and delete operations only affect the shortcut. Renaming, selecting, tagging and ranking also only affect the shortcut.


Other operations which modify the image are applied to actual image and not the shortcut. These include rotating, adding user comments and editing the IPTC data.


A shortcut can be created in Windows Explorer in the normal way (right click on the file and drag and drop to its new location then select "Create Shortcuts Here"). You can also create a shortcut in BreezeBrowser Pro by selecting one or more images in thumbnail or filmstrip view then click on one image in the selection and hold the left button down and start dragging. Then press the Shift key and drop the files in the destination directory in the directory tree view. You can cancel the drag operation by pressing the Esc key.


Note: When using the "Copy Images to Folder..." right click option shortcuts to images will be copied to the destination folder as shortcuts, not the original images that the shortcuts point to. The actual images rather than the shortcuts can be copied by switching to thumbnail view, selecting the required images and then right clicking on one of the images and selecting the "Copy Actual Images to Folder..." option.