View actual image

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Select "View Actual Image" from the View menu to display the image full size. If the image is a raw image it will be converted to a viewable image first which may take a few seconds. Raw images are converted using the "As Shot" settings.


The image can be scrolled by moving the scroll bars or by pressing the mouse button over the image and dragging it. The image may be zoomed out be pressing function key F8 and zoomed in using F9. Right click on the image to display a menu of the viewing options.




1.For fast viewing of raw files the JPEG preview image stored in the raw file is be used rather than converting the raw image data. The size and quality of JPEG preview images stored in raw files vary depending on the camera used. Recent Nikon DSLRs have full resolution, high quality previews, recent Canon DSLRs have medium resolution previews and some cameras such as Sony DSLRs have lower resolution previews. The raw image data can be used instead of using the JPEG preview image by typing Ctrl+Alt+B to open the "View Actual Image" dialog.
2.To reduce the time to display the full size image the false color filter is turned off when converting raw images from older Canon EOS camera models such as the D30 and D60. This may result in slightly lower quality colors than images converted with the false color filter enabled.