BreezeBrowser - Release History

  • Added raw conversion for the following cameras: Nikon D50, D70s and D200; Olympus E-300, E-330 and E-500; Pentax *ist DL and *ist DS2; Konica Minolta Dynax/Maxuum 5D
  • Improved raw conversion quality for non-Canon raw files (now uses the same raw converter for non-Canon raw files as BreezeBrowser Pro)
  • Improved display of shooting data from Nikon cameras (more detailed lens information, subject based exposure modes etc.)
  • Displays detailed shooting data and focus point overlays for Canon EOS 5D and Canon EOS 30D cameras
  • Improved display of DNG files by using the largest preview JPEG available in the DNG file
  • Fixed problems reading very large color profiles and improved the handling of profiles incorrectly stored in JPEG files by other apps

31 May 2005: v2.12.1

  • Graphics library updated to fix problems reading images on Windows 98 SE and Windows ME
  • Fixed a problem cropping raw images with portrait orientation
  • Fixed a problem with "As shot" Kelvin white balance when converting Canon EOS 10D raw files

25 May 2005: v2.12

  • Added support for Canon EOS 350D/Rebel XT/Kiss N raw conversion
  • Added cropping when converting raw images
  • Improved display of DNG files
  • Fixed a problem when generating web pages containing AVI files
  • Now correctly displays thumbnails from Olympus E300 raw files

9 February 2005: v2.11.1

  • Fixed problem converting Canon raw files with UNC pathnames
  • Fixed white balance problem when converting raw files from older Canon PowerShot cameras
  • Now correctly reads comments in raw files from Canon PowerShot cameras
  • Installer now adds entries to Start menu
  • Includes sample profiles for Canon EOS 20D and Canon EOS-1D Mark II (kindly supplied by
  • Canon PowerShot G6 and S70 raw conversion no longer requires Canon's ZoomBrowser EX software to be installed

16 December 2004: v2.11

  • Canon EOS 20D raw conversion added
  • Canon PowerShot G6 and S70 raw conversion added (requires Canon's ZoomBrowser EX software to be installed)
  • Grid overlay available in main and filmstrip views
  • Focus point overlay display for Canon EOS 20D images
  • Fixed errors generating JPEGs when using proofs
  • Fixed errors when selecting combined raw conversion with some cameras
  • Fixed memory leaks when converting Canon EOS raw files during HTML generation.

17 September 2004: v2.10

  • Now supports Canon EOS-1D Mark II, Canon PowerShot Pro1 and S60 raw conversion
  • Added raw+JPEG linking for images from Nikon cameras and the Canon EOS-1D Mark II
  • Extracts embedded JPEGs from Nikon D70 raw files
  • Added option to load images into your image editor after raw conversion
  • Improved white balance when converting raw files from non-Canon cameras (reads white balance values from the shooting data in the raw file)
  • Now supports THM thumbnails for raw files from Olympus and Minolta cameras for faster thumbnail display
  • IPTC data can be added to Olympus and Minolta raw files provided the THM file is present
  • Fixed a problem reading shooting data from Photoshop PSD files
  • Fixed a problem with the directory tree disappearing after clicking on "My Computer"

30 April 2004: v2.9

  • Canon EOS-1D Mark II support:
    - view CR2 raw files and JPEGs complete with shooting data and optional focus point overlay
    - edit IPTC data in CR2 raw files
    - extract embedded JPEGs from CR2 raw files (1536x1024 pixels) for fast web page generation and proofs
  • Display Sony DSC-F828 raw files and Paint Shop Pro images
  • Extracts embedded JPEGs from Fuji and Sony raw files
  • Raw conversion for Nikon D70, Olympus E-1, Olympus C8080WZ, Olympus C5060WZ, Olympus C5050Z, Pentax *ist D, Minolta DiMAGE A1, Minolta DiMAGE A2 and Minolta DiMAGE 7i
  • Slideshow: added undo untag when viewing tagged images only and option to select next/previous image using the mouse buttons
  • Enhancements to the main view and thumbnail displays

11 December 2003: v2.8

  • New “film strip” view modes showing thumbnails plus large image and EXIF data or directory tree
  • Now displays Nikon D2H, Olympus E1, Pentax *ist D and Minolta A1 raw files complete with shooting data
  • Reads Adobe XMP shooting data when EXIF shooting data isn’t available
  • Now reads and writes thumbnail data to JPEG and TIFF images for faster display of thumbnails
  • Improved HTML generator with the ability to load and save settings and for user definable input fields
  • Contact sheet printing now supports page background color or image and the ability to load and save settings
  • New “HQ mode” sharpening option available in proofs and raw conversion to give the same results as BreezeBrowser’s HQ display mode.
  • Now supports the copying of EXIF shooting data to JPEGs from TIFF and other image formats
  • Proofs now supports the loading and saving of settings

19 September 2003: v2.7c

  • Now supports raw conversion of all Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel images
  • Fixes some internationalisation issues - display of Japanese and Chinese characters and problems with levels settings in countries which use commas for the decimal point
  • Fixed problem with the “View actual image” and raw “100% Preview” dialogs not being displayed on some systems

12 September 2003: v2.7b

  • Added support for the Canon EOS 300D/Digital Rebel including raw conversion, focus point overlay display and shooting data display
  • Added flashing highlight option when displaying images in main view
  • Now displays Fuji S1 Pro and S2 Pro raw files and Minolta raw files complete with shooting data
  • Image date and time editor now also works with Canon AVI files and raw files from Fuji and Minolta cameras
  • Tokens can now be used to add information from the image’s shooting data when editing IPTC data and user comments
  • Improved performance when reading and writing JPEG2000 images

23 July 2003: v2.7a

  • Now supports JPEG and PNG images (with full transparency support) in watermarks
  • Improved color accuracy when using color management
  • Slideshow captions can be toggled on and off
  • Fixes the following problems in BreezeBrowser v2.7: custom white point picking with Canon EOS 1D and 1DS raw files; possible crashes when using color management with Canon EOS 1D and 1DS raw files; problems reading TIFFs when rotating or generating web pages.

1 July 2003: v2.7

  • New image date and time editor for single images or batches of images (works with TIFFs, JPEGs, Canon raw files and Nikon raw files
  • Full support for Canon PowerShot G5 raw conversion
  • Color space conversion option added to Proofs
  • Colored borders can now be added in Proofs
  • Optional second watermark or caption available in Proofs
  • JPEG focus point overlay now available for JPEGs from Canon EOS cameras

3 May 2003: v2.6b (minor update)

  • Improved error checking in registration dialog to make entering registration codes easier
  • Slideshow caches the last five images to make switching between recently displayed images faster
  • Minor bug fixes

8 April 2003: v2.6a

  • Comprehensive display of Canon EOS 10D shooting data
  • Added focus point overlay display for Canon EOS 10D raw images Raw conversion color profile support extended to allow separate profiles for each camera model.Also added new automatic option which uses the raw conversion color space setting to embed sRGB or AdobeRGB profiles in converted files (Canon EOS 10D, 1D and 1DS only)
  • Added option in "Extract embedded JPEGs" to set the timestamp of the extracted files to the time and date the image was shot
  • Now reads JPEGs with .jpe and .jpeg file extensions (as well as .jpg)
  • Fixed problem with raw conversion settings not being correctly initialised in the raw conversion dialog

24 March 2003: v2.6

  • Added Canon EOS 10D and Powershot S50 raw conversion
  • Improved color profile support: now reads profiles from PNG (Portable Network Graphics) and Adobe .PSD images
  • IPTC data can now be loaded from and saved to file allowing a template of common settings to be saved and then applied to a set of images
  • New focus point overlay display added for raw files from Canon EOS D30, D60, 1D and 1DS cameras
  • "Edit image" can now pass raw files directly to your image editor if required
  • Includes the latest patches from Canon to fix the Powershot G3 and S45 custom white balance and linear conversion problems when converting raw files
  • Fixed problem with printing contact sheets and fullsize images which affected some printer models

17 February 2003: v2.5

  • Now displays GIF and Windows BMP images
  • HTML templates can now be stored in a separate directory
  • HTML settings are optionally stored in the directory so that the same settings can be used next time HTML pages are generated from the same directory
  • Integrates with Downloader v2, if installed
  • Slideshow captions can now be displayed on multiple lines and can be shown above or below the image
  • Fixed problem which prevented some TIFF images from being modified or deleted

30 January 2003: v2.4c

  • Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds raw conversion is now 100% reliable
  • JPEG 2000 processing optimized allowing fast display of JPEG 2000 thumbnails
  • Added option to "Extract embedded JPEGs" which allows Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds viewing JPEGs to be copied to a separate directory for improved workflow when using JPEGs for proofing
  • Fixed Win98/WinME problem with Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds which resulted in an error message every time a RAW+JPEG image was viewed
  • Fixed image rotation inconsistency with Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds RAW plus viewing JPEGs and certain display options
  • Fixed auto-levels problem in proofs which resulted in the raw conversion levels settings being used instead of the settings in the proofs dialog
  • Fixed initialisation problem which could cause combined raw conversion to be performed as normal conversion
  • Added workaround for Canon EOS D30 custom white point bug (please see the ReadMe.txt file in the "Canon EOS D30" folder of the BreezeBrowser installation directory for more details).

13 January 2003: v2.4b

  • Fixed memory leak problem when converting Canon 1D and 1Ds raw images
  • Recursive HTML generation now reads thumbnail order from breezebrowser.dat file
  • Fixed auto-rotate JPEG problem in BB v2.4a which set the EXIF orientation option in preferences and updated the file modification time of images even when "Preserve file modification time" was set in preferences.
  • Simple "Save Image As..." option added for 8-bit images in 100% raw preview window
  • Sample color profiles for the Canon PowerShot G3 (supplied by

20 December 2002: v2.4a

  • Fixes problem in v2.4 which caused BreezeBrowser to terminate when viewing Canon EOS 1D raw files with certain 1D/1Ds viewing options set in preferences. Also fixes occasional lockup problem when viewing Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds raw files with associated JPEGs

13 December 2002: v2.4

  • Raw conversion of Canon Powershot G3 and S45 images
  • Raw conversion of Canon EOS 1Ds images
  • Revised folder tree display in thumbnail view making it easier to access images on your desktop and in "My Documents"
  • User definable format string now available in export EXIF data allowing customisation of the output fields
  • EXIF and IPTC data is now stored in PNG files
  • Recursive option added to HTML generator (note this doesn't create a master index page)
    Added option to create Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds viewing JPEGs for raw files (right click on image in main or thumbnail view to access this)
  • Option added in Preferences to show hidden folders
  • BreezeBrowser v2.4 runs on Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • BreezeBrowser v2.3 is the latest vesion that runs on Windows 95.

Please note:Due to technical problems with the latest Canon SDK there are the following limitations with Canon raw conversion in BreezeBrowser v2.4:

  • Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds raw files can only be converted from local disks and network shares mapped to drive letters.
  • Canon EOS 1D and 1Ds raw conversion occasionally fails and may be subject to memory leaks. The memory leaks can cause your PC to run low on memory when converting large numbers of images.
  • Canon Powershot G3 and S45 raw conversion does not support custom white balance selected in the camera or linear conversion

31 October 2002: v2.3 - Latest version that supports Windows 95.
Download BBv2.3.exe

  • Batch editing of IPTC data
  • Added multi-line watermarks with pixel accurate positioning, text justification and anti-aliasing
  • Added transparent GIF option for watermarks
  • High speed HTML generation option - up to 5 times faster but slightly reduced quality
  • HTML generator now supports generation of up to three parallel sets of HTML pages e.g. for multiple languages or user selectable gallery styles
  • Larger raw conversion preview for Canon D60 and 1D images (screen size permitting)
  • Tagged files are outlined in thumbnail view to make them more visible. This can be adjusted by setting the following registry entry(0 = off, 1 = 1 pixel border, 2 = 2 pixel border): HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\BreezeSystems\BreezeBrowser\100\OutlineTaggedThu mbnails)
  • More rotation options for thumbnails in contact sheet printing and option to swap left and right margins on even pages
  • Added %U to batch rename - similar to %u but evaluates to nothing if there are no duplicate filenames
  • Rotation of Canon raw files now 100% compatible with Canon's raw image converter 2
    Added option in Preferences to preserve file modification time when rotating and annotating images
  • Improved preformance with compressed TIFFs and thumbnails from Canon EOS 1D raw files
  • "Twiddle" app updated to recreate missing THM files and regenerate D60 THMs (workaround for the D60 thumbnail bug)

20 September 2002: v2.2b

  • Maintenance release to fix a post-processing problem in countries where comma is used for the decimal point (e.g. one half is written as 0,5). This problem prevents auto and manual levels, saturation and gamma adjustments from working properly.
  • Note: This problem does not affect countries which use a period or full stop for the decimal point (e.g. one half written as 0.5)

19 September 2002: v2.2a

Minor update to fix the following problems:

  • Fixed problems emailing images using full versions of MS Outlook
  • EXIF data now copied from Canon EOS 1D images with Firmware v1.4.0. EXIF copy now works with Canon EOS 1D files
  • Fixed minor problems with EXIF data from Canon images in locales which use comma for the decimal point
  • Added mouse wheel and cursor up/down adjustment of numeric input fields in forms

12 September 2002: v2.2

  • Powerful smart noise reduction filter to remove noise from digital images with virtually no loss of detail
  • Optional use of Exif orientation information for display and super fast lossless rotation of JPEG images
  • Extra large thumbnail size is now user definable to any size between 200x200 pixels and 1000x1000 pixels
  • New email option added - select one or more images and automatically prepare and send them to MAPI compliant email programs
  • New HTML options: definable text for @next@ and @prev@ tokens, definable suffixes for thumbnail and main images, definable subdirectory for thumbnails and main images, new @nextIcon@ and @prevIcon@ tokens (referencing next.gif and prev.gif respectively), new @tagged@ token added (evaluates to 1 if image is tagged, 0 otherwise), now allows up to three separate fullsize_template.htm templates for each image
  • Improved color profile support: color profiles are now selectable fron the raw conversion dialog (the preview image is updated to show the effect) and are used for printing and print preview. Also have very kindly provided sample linear and non-linear profiles for Canon cameras
  • Improved support for Canon EOS 1D EXIF data. Full EXIF data is now stored in JPEGs and TIFFs when converting raw files
  • Added option to turn off the saving of thumbnail information to the BreezeBrowser.dat file
    Merge tags, load and save thumbnail sort order options added
  • "L" suffix for linear conversion can be enabled/disabled in preferences. "C" can be appended to files converted using combined conversion.
  • Directories and files can now be renamed to the same name but in lower case
    Thumbnails are now displayed in B&W when B&W mode is selected
  • Additional batch rename options: 3 user definable settings, %T for camera model, %c and %C for camera serial number (Canon EOS D30, D60 and 1D only)
  • JPEG EXIF thumbnail automatically updated in Proofs
  • "Explore" option now works with Win98, WinME and Win2000

29 July 2002: v2.1

  • Added color profile support for display and raw conversion
  • Improved control of color balance when using combined raw conversion
  • Added captioning/watermarking of images in proofs and HTML generation
  • New "picture frame" HTML template added plus "drop shadow mulit-index" and "picture frame multi-index" templates
  • The order of images in thumbnail view can now be modified using drag and drop
  • Zoom in/zoom out option added to view actual image and Win98/WinME display problems with large images fixed
  • Slideshow has new "View tagged only" option to help separate the "keepers" from not so good shots
  • Batch rename has additional options for extracting parts of the original filename and new "As displayed" sort order
  • Contact sheet printing has additional options for thumnail sizes, draws a thin black border around thumbnails and has user-definable fonts for caption and footer text
  • Additional image placement options added to full size printing
  • Additional HTML options to remember output directory, convert images with embedded color profiles to sRGB and override the @owner@ token

17 June 2002: v2.0.2

Maintenance release to fix a problem which caused BreezeBrowser to lock up when attempting to display some Canon EOS 1D JPEGs. Also included in this release:

  • Additional IPTC fields added. Also preserves unknown fields when editing IPTC data
  • Added additional options for placement of full size images when printing
  • Added icon in thumbnail view for images with associated WAV files
  • Now displays 16-bit Photoshop PSD images
  • Minor UI adjustments and fixes
  • Fixed errors in HTML generator when thumbnail size is specified as larger than the original image
  • EOS 1D JPEGs now deleted when deleting 1D raw files with JPEG linking enabled

23 May 2002: v2.0.1

  • Minor update to correct the batch conversion dialog which was always showing Canon EOS 1D conversion parameters irrespective of the camera type.

22 May 2002: v2.0

  • Now converts Canon EOS D60 and Canon EOS 1D raw files
  • Contact sheet printing and print preview added
  • Full size image printing and print preview added
  • 8-bit PNG, 16-bit PNG and 8-bit PSD image formats now supported
    EXIF display updated for EOS D60 and EOS 1D
  • New EOS 1D raw image display modes: convert image to display, raw+JPEG linking, auto create preview JPEG
  • EOS 1D IPTC editing added
  • Image captions now have the option of using the IPTC caption or EXIF UserComment
  • Faster display of JPEGs when "High Quality" mode is selected
  • Fixed error which affected some Windows 98 SE systems when converting raw files to 16-bit TIFF
  • New "paypal" HTML template added which links to PayPal's shopping cart system to accept orders and payments online

27 March 2002: v1.5

  • New directory tree display in thumbnail view with drag and drop capability and folder creation, deletion and renaming.
  • IPTC editing added for JPEG, TIFF, Canon raw files and AVI files. All IPTC data fields are available to the HTML generator for inserting in HTML pages.
  • New "combined" raw conversion method added for improved highlight detail in over-exposed shots. This is based on an idea first proposed by Fred Miranda and is similar in concept to his excellent Highlight Recovery Action.
  • Support added for AVI movie files.
  • 16-bit JPEG2000 support added - both lossless and lossy compression.
  • Added EXIF thumbnail regeneration in JPEG files. This is useful for updating the thumbnails after editing files or after copying EXIF data from another image. It also repairs thumbnails damaged by other applications (some applications fail to rotate the EXIF thumbnail when rotating the main image and others mis-use the EXIF thumbnail by storing their logo there instead of a thumbnail of the image).
  • Auto levels option added to HTML generator
  • Higher quality interpolation used for image preview and thumbnails

28 February 2002: v1.4b

  • Fixed white balance when converting several raw images
  • Fixed kernel32.dll error with Win95 and NT4
  • Minor enhancements to directory browser

18 February 2002: v1.4a

  • Added mid point control for manual levels and revised the UI slightly
  • Fixed problem with scrollbars not appearing in "View Actual Image" and with certain image sizes not appearing in "View Actual Image" with Win95/98/ME when the display depth is set to 32-bit
  • Post-processing settings now work in regions/countries where comma is used for the decimal point
  • Raw conversion, proofs and HTML dialogs now accept relative paths for output directories
  • Short pathnames (e.g from desktop shortcuts) are now expanded to long pathnames
  • Fixed HTML display problem with Opera 6.0

8 February 2002: v1.4

  • Auto and manual levels, saturation and gamma adjustment, resizing and sharpening options added to raw conversion
  • Added 100% preview option to raw conversion for accurate white point selection and assessment of the converted image
  • Progress dialogs added for time consuming batch operations with the ability to cancel
  • The list of tagged images can now be loaded and saved to file
  • Further optimisation of thumbnail display to reduce the time BreezeBrowser is "busy"
  • Revised user interface
  • New HTML templates: order, icons, drop shadow
  • Added rotation of TIFF images (please read warning before using)
  • Auto-levels option added to proofs
  • Ability to copy EXIF data from CRW, THM, TIFF or JPEG images to TIFF or JPEG added

7 January 2002: v1.3b

  • Added copy EXIF to TIFF (please read warning before using)
  • Image in view actual image dialog can be scrolled by dragging with the mouse
  • Added new template showing how to have mulitple index pages
  • Ctrl + cursor left/right now rotates selected images in thumbnail mode
  • HTML generator now preserves EOL style used by the templates and can use original JPEGs for the main JPEG image
  • Fixed multiple image copy problem in thumbnails and added confirmation dialog if move or copy will overwrite an image
  • Fixed problem which prevented adding comments to multiple TIFFs and JPEGs in thumbnail mode

10 December 2001: v1.3a

  • Added "Copy to Folder..." option
  • Custom white balance settings fixed (they were accidentally disabled in v1.3)
  • Fixed random crashes in Proofs
  • Minor UI changes

6 December 2001: v1.3

  • Added full support for Powershot G2, S30 and S40 raw conversion
  • EXIF data is now stored in converted files even when the THM file is not available
  • Raw conversion parameters and image gamma can now be adjusted in the Proofs dialog
  • Option added to extract embedded JPEGs from raw files with optional EXIF information
    Improved HTML page generation: templates can have any extension to allow scripting and second index page added to facilitate generating pages using frames
  • Simple image management features added: single file rename and ability to move one or more images to another directory
  • Faster thumbnail display
  • Many UI improvements

9 November 2001: v1.2a

  • Option added to HTML generator to reuse existing JPEGs to speed up page generation (useful when trying different template styles or developing your own)
  • Destination file can now be specified when exporting EXIF data
  • Improved startup - faster and will startup in the same view as it was shutdown.
  • Tag checkbox now works in main view
  • Fixed crash when refreshing the contents of an empty directory. Also fixed occasional crash when exporting EXIF data on fast PCs

26 October 2001: v1.2

  • Image tagging added
  • Proofs dialog added
  • G2 raw conversion added
  • JPEG 2000 support added
  • Additional HTML tags added and now generates pages from TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000 and Canon Raw image formats
  • Full EXIF information now stored in TIFFs
  • Improved thumbnail display - faster, more attractive and now handles directories with large numbers of images (tested with 1600 raw files)
  • Known Problems in BreezeBrowser v1.2
    The tag checkbox in the main view does not work. It correctly displays whether the image is tagged or not, but clicking the checkbox has no effect. Workaround: Type Ctrl+G to toggle the tag state or right click on the image and select "Tag Image".

21 September 2001: v1.1

  • Much improved JPEG generation for HTML pages
  • Now reads TIFFs
  • Added fullsize preview
  • Added EXIF copy
  • Added link to image editor
  • Added "High quality" display mode in main view and slideshow
  • Improved fullscreen slideshow
  • Fixed multiple delete bug in thumbnail mode
  • Fixed bug in "next" link with HTML generator
  • Fixed crash when more than 1024 images are in a directory and large thumbnails are selected

8 August 2001: v1.0a

  • Added delete confirmation dialog (can be disabled in preferences)
  • Changed thumbnail background to black for improved viewing
  • Fixed bug in EXIF export to single file
  • Fixed bug when deleting files and 'DELETED' subdirectory doesn't exist
  • Added more robust handling of corrupted image files

2 August 2001: v1.0

  • Added thumbnail browser
  • Added batch rename
  • Timestamp facility to timestamp images using their EXIF time and date
  • Revised the UI to use standard Windows menus
  • Fixed bug which prevented raw file in the root directory from being converted

29 June 2001: v0.6

  • Updated to use Canon's SDK v3.7 giving up to 20% faster conversion of D30 raw files on some systems and the option to turn off the false colour filter for D30 raw files.
  • Simple directory browser added as a temporary measure until Canon fix the bug in the SDK which prevents the standard Windows directory browser from being used.
  • Drag and drop interface improved: dropping one or more images on BreezeBrowser only loads those images instead of the whole directory
  • TIFF output dpi can now be set in the preferences dialog
  • Command line option added to specify which CPU BreezeBrowser uses on dual-processor systems

21 June 2001: v0.5a

  • Fixed bug causing no EXIF display and inability to rotate raw files when THM file was not present
  • Fixed macro EXIF value for G1 raw files (used to always say 'On')
  • TIFF output dpi changed from 72dpi to 180dpi
  • Fixed bug which caused BreezeBrowser to crash on some systems after converting raw files

18 June 2001: v0.5:

  • TIFF-16 linear added for D30 files
  • EXIF export function added
  • Raw files can be converted to any directory
  • New "proofs" HTML template added which shows filename under thumbnails images
  • Many UI improvements including RGB display, cross-hair cursor when picking custom white point, preferences dialog, improved histogram display
  • Now works on Windows 95 and dual-processor Windows 2000 machines
  • Displays non-Canon JPEG files (with limited EXIF information)

5 June 2001: v0.4:

  • Fixed bug which caused BreezeBrowser to crash if the preview area is larger than the image to be displayed
  • Size and position of window is now saved and restored next time the program is run
  • Improved TIFF file generation - now compatible with Ulead PhotoImpact
  • Directory refresh menu command added
  • HTML generator now encodes special characters in URLs e.g. space character becomes %20

1 June 2001: v0.3

  • Dialog window is resizeable allowing BreezeBrowser to work with screen resolutions from 800x600 upwards
  • Affinity set to 1 cpu for multi-cpu systems (prevents raw conversion from crashing on multi-cpu systems)
  • Bug in delete fixed after rotating raw files
  • Image display now resized to fit dialog window (gives larger display of G1 and Pro90 JPEGs)
    Ignores files with filenames longer than 31 characters (otherwise Canon's SDK crashes)

14 May 2001: v0.2

  • Added 16-bit TIFF conversion for D30
  • Added HTML page generator
  • Now copies EXIF data to JPEGs when converting raw files
  • Improved UI

4 May 2001: v0.1

First public beta with histogram, fast image display, EXIF display and raw conversion