Supplemental Templates

This page contains additional HTML templates which are not shipped with BreezeBrowser Pro. These templates can also be used with BreezeBrowser.

Template Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and unzip the file.
  2. Copy the contents to the BreezeBrowser Pro templates directory
    (example: C:\Program Files\BreezeSys\BreezeBrowserPro\templates).

Picture Frame Multi Index
Template with image filenames displayed under the thumbnails

Drop Shadow Multi Index
Template with image filenames displayed under the thumbnails

Drop Shadow Multi Index + Paypal
The popular drop shadow multi index template combined with the PayPal template for selling images online. You simply need to edit the file prices.js to link to your PayPal account and specify the print sizes and prices.

Drop Shadow Multi Index + Original
Example of how to create HTML pages with thumbnails, main images and links to the original JPEGs. To use this template first go to Preferences, click on the "HTML Generation" tab and set the main image directory to "main" and the thumbnail image directory to "thumbs". Then prepare the original JPEG images, using Proofs to resize and convert to JPEG if required. Now create the HTML pages using the HTML generator and finally copy the original JPEGs into the HTML output directory.

Paypal Currencies
Template using different currencies.

Third Party Templates

The following templates were created by users of BreezeBrowser. If you would like your BreezeBrowser Gallery Template listed here, please contact us.

Peter Berger

Austrian photographer Peter Berger has developed some very nice HTML templates for BreezeBrowser Pro and BreezeBrowser. These include a stylish “Filmstrip” template, a fun memory puzzle game, a PBase style template and a template for online ordering of photos. Please visit his site for more details and example galleries.

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