Release History

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25 June 2019: v1.5.2

Added the option to sort images by timestamp
Improved the sorting of images by filename when scanning subfolders
Added {uid} token to extract a UID in the form ABC12345 or ABCDE123 from filenames
Fixed an issue with the total prints. emails, texts and tweets counters not being updated
Removed references to Facebook following changes made by Facebook in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal


29 May 2019: v1.5.1

Added the option to play videos at least once when running a slideshow i.e. don't advance the slideshow until the video has played from start to finish at least once
Added the ability to print photos using different printer settings according to their filenames and to double a single strip for printing on 6x4 dyesub printers
Added counters for the total number of prints, emails, texts and tweets
Performance improvements for swiping images when running on Microsoft Surface Go
Fixed an issue with the selected thumbnail changing when new images are added with the "Display newest images first" option selected
Fixed an issue which cold cause the wrong photo being printed if a new photo is added while the print confirmation screen is displayed
Fixed an issue setting the initial values of checkboxes in keyboards


28 November 2018: v1.5

Added optional QR code display
Added the option to print multiple copies as separate documents to increase throughput when using printer pooling
Emails can now include CC email addresses and the XML copy of the email can include additional attachment information when sending MP4 files
Much faster uploading of images when sharing by text or Twitter
Fixed an issue where the wrong image could be emailed if a new image arrives when the email address is being entered


14 April 2018: v1.4.4

Fixed a problem with the software crashing on some systems when playing a slideshow of MP4 movie files
Added "auto bleed" option when printing
Adverts displayed in slideshow mode can now be JPEGs, animated GIFs or MP4 movie files
Added the option to save XML copies of emails and texts


11 December 2017: v1.4.3

Added controls for the size of the image cache held in memory to allow more images to be loaded on computers with limited RAM
Added event info shared via the Windows registry
Fixed a problem with a blank frame being displayed initially for GIFs when running a slideshow


13 February 2017: v1.4.2

Maintenance release which fixes a problem with a blank image being displayed in the slideshow when a JPEG follows an animated GIF
FBUploader.exe updated following Windows Updates that caused the previous user to remain logged in to Facebook


10 January 2017: v1.4.1

Added the option to ask for the user's email address before printing
Improved the slideshow transitions for animated GIFs
Fixed a problem with the option to choose which file types are displayed
Fixed a problem with images not being deleted when using the scan subfolders option


1 December 2016: v1.4

Added the option to scan subfolders for images
Added the option to choose which file types are displayed
Added the ability to post animated GIFs on Facebook
Added the option to use "printer-friendly" images stored in the prints subfolder for printing and the displayed images for sharing
Fixed a problem with touchscreen operation when running on second display
Fixed a problem with new images replacing the image being viewed full screen when using grid mode
Fixed a problem resending emails and texts containing MP4 video files when using offline mode


5 July 2016: v1.3

Added new grid layout display option which displays a grid of thumbnails and a full screen preview with icons for printing etc. when the user selects a thumbnail
Added support for MP4 movie files
Added privacy mode where images are only displayed if the user enters the correct code
Added a payment mode when printing
Added the option to automatically select and display new files when they are added to the folder being monitored
Added stable time setting for more reliable operation when accessing images across a network when the computer clocks are not synchronized
Max percentage scaling option added to allow small photos or videos to be enlarged when they are displayed


15 December 2015: v1.2.1

Added keyboard shortcuts and information on how to run a kiosk without a touchscreen
Fixed a problem with image attachments not displaying in emails sent to
Replaced %1, %2, %3, %4, %5, %6 tokens with {yearNow}, {monthNow}, {dayNow}, {yearLess8h}, {monthLess8h}, {dayLess8h} to avoid problems with unwanted substitutions in emails and texts
Fixed a typo in the default text for HTML emails: correcting <image src="{image}"> to <img src="{image}">


2 December 2015: v1.2

Added support for animated GIFs
Added Twitter upload option
Added MMS and SMS texting via Twilio complete with offline option and the ability to send the messages later
Added option to send emails and post to Facebook using a URL instead of attaching the image
Added the ability to allow users to choose the number of copies to print
Photos are now removed from display if they are deleted from the folder being monitored


28 August 2015: v1.1

SMS text option (using email to SMS services)
Slideshow now has the option to display adverts
Thumbnail and slideshow images can now be cropped independently of the main images
Settings can now be saved to and loaded from file
Added the option to limit the number of prints
Added offline mode for emails
Added the option to show the mouse cursor to allow mouse operation without a touchscreen
Added the option to display the most recent images first


29 January 2015: v1.0

First public release