Downloading from a camera

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Downloader can download directly from Canon EOS cameras and older Canon PowerShot cameras. Please install the appropriate Canon USB drivers first. The latest drivers can be downloaded from Then run Downloader and go to Preferences (by typing Ctrl+P or selecting preferences from the File menu). Click on the "General" tab, set the image source to "Auto-detect" or "Camera". Connect you camera to the USB or FireWire cable and then press F5 in Downloader to connect and list the files to be downloaded. Some camera models auto-detect the USB connection and powerup in PC transfer mode. Other models have to be turned on manually and may also need to be set to PC transfer mode.


Downloader can also download images directly from some cameras via a USB or FireWire connection. Some cameras, e.g. Nikon cameras, appear as a drive letter when connected to your PC. If you have a camera that works this way you can download from it as if it is a card reader.


Please see "Launching Downloader when a camera is connected" for more information.