Quickstart Guide

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Follow the instructions below to setup Downloader Pro so that it runs automatically when a memory card is inserted in your card reader:


1.Install Downloader Pro


2.Plug-in your card reader to your PC if it isn't already connected and then insert a memory card containing some images. A dialog similar to the one below will be displayed:



3.Click on the "Download images" camera icon and then click OK to launch Downloader Pro to download your images. Downloader Pro will run and display a window similar to the one below:



4.Click on the Download button to start downloading the images. The images will be copied to the directory shown in the "Download path" column (D:\2006-02-13\Windermere for photos taken on 13th February 2006 in the example above).

               The download progress dialog will be displayed:



5.Click on the Close button to dismiss the download progress dialog when the download has finished. Your images are now on your PC's hard disk and ready for editing or viewing. Now either click on Delete button to delete the images from the memory card or the Close button to exit Downloader Pro.


Further information


To find out more about specifying which directory and filename photos are stored under see Using filename and directory tokens.

The section on "Making the most of Downloader Pro" contains useful hints and tips on setting up Downloader Pro.