Hiding unnecessary files

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You can turn off the listing of files that have already been downloaded by going to the "View" menu and unchecking "Show downloaded files". This is useful if you are downloading from an external drive such as the NixVue Vista or Delkin PicturePad when there is a very large number of files. Hiding the downloaded files makes it easier to see the files that haven't been downloaded yet.


External drives such as the NixVue Vista or Delkin PicturePad work by taking a complete copy of the conents of your memory card. If you are in the habit of copying a memory card, adding some more images and copying it again you will end up with some duplicate files on your external drive. You can instruct Downloader to only display one entry for each duplicate file by unchecking "Show Duplicate files" in the view menu.

Downloader displays a file as "Duplicate" if it has the same name, size and timestamp as another file on the source disk and has not been downloaded already. If one of the duplicate files has already been downloaded all the duplicates will be displayed as "Downloaded".