JPEG auto profile

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The JPEG auto profile plug-in allows you to automatically embed (or tag) a JPEG image with a color profile as it is downloaded. This saves time and possible confusion over color spaces when images are edited in color space aware applications such as Photoshop. You can specify different color profiles to use for different camera models using the setup screen below:




To add a new camera model to the list you can either drag a JPEG from that camera and drop it on the setup dialog or press the "Add camera..." button and use the standard Windows file open dialog to locate an example JPEG. Then click on the "Profile..." button to locate the color profile to be embedded in JPEGs from the selected camera model.


Select "Identify camera using user comment or serial number" if you have more than one camera of the same model and wish to assign different profiles to each. Normally this option will be left unchecked, but it is useful if you shoot using different color spaces with different cameras or have created individual color profiles for each camera.