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Breeze Systems' Downloader Pro 1.5 simplifies workflow for Canon EOS 20D and 1D Mk II Users

18 October 2004: Breeze Systems today released Downloader Pro 1.5, the company's powerful yet simple tool to transfer digital photos from camera to PC.

Canon EOS 20D and Canon EOS-1D Mark II users can now use Downloader Pro to download directly from the camera while automatically renaming and organizing images, losslessly rotating JPEGs and storing copyright and other IPTC data in each image.
Further time saving features include dpi adjustment and color profile tagging of JPEGs and the automatic creation of sets of related directories for each download directory.

Downloader Pro 1.5 also adds support for the downloading of Panasonic DMC-LC1 and Leica Digilux 2 raw images.

Dowloader Pro is Windows based software developed and sold by Breeze Systems Ltd. Other products include BreezeBrowser, DSLR Remote Pro and PSRemote. Available from www.breezesys.com for US $29.95 or US $64.90 when bundled with BreezeBrowser. The price includes one year's free upgrades.

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Downloader Pro press release - New: Download raw images from Canon EOS 20D, 1D Mk II, Panasonic DMC-LC1 and Leice Digilux 2