Hotfolder Prints Release History

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10 January 2018: v1.7

Added support for event name and event string tokens shared with other event software from Breeze Systems
Additional error checking of hashtags in the Instagram Hashtag Monitor
Updated the Instagram Hashtag monitor to work with the latest updates made by Instagram
More accurate playback speed of animated GIFs in Breeze Viewer
Fixed a problem with photos being auto-rotated using the orientation read from the EXIF shooting data
Added a workaround for a Windows bug that was preventing the {uid} and {uid2} tokens from generating random values


24 July 2017: v1.6

Added the ability to process PNG images as well as JPEG images in Hotfolder Prints
BreezeViewer now supports animated GIFs and adds "mosaic with flip" slideshow transition
Updated Instagram Hashtag Monitor following changes to the way Instagram works
Added SmugMug upload utility


27 April 2016: v1.5.5

Instagram Hashtag Monitor now downloads the high resolution copies of photos if available
Fixed a problem with loading saved settings via the command line when running Hotfolder Prints
Updated Instagram Hashtag Monitor following recent changes in the way Instagram works
Fixed a problem with timestamps using Twitter Hashtag Monitor in different time zones


30 September 2015: v1.5.4

Added Twitter Hashtag Monitor for downloading photos from Twitter
The "Crop image to fit photo area" option now applies to the custom layout. Unchecking this allows a photo to be resized to fit a bounding box instead of being cropped to fit.
Now supports up to 12 captions in the print layout, options to change the caption display order and the option to right justify the caption text


17 August 2015: v1.5.3

Added the ability to load different overlay.png and background.jpg images according to the orientation of the first photo
Minor changes to the way progress information is displayed in Hashtag Monitor
Added workaround for Instagram "Unsupported size" bug
Fixed a problem which prevented Hotfolder Prints from monitoring folders with non-ASCII pathnames
Fixed a problem with Hashtag Monitor when setting the "Max age in hours" to a non-zero value
Fixed a problem with the stable time setting in Breeze Viewer


7 July 2015: v1.5.2

Added "Mosaic with zoom + bg fade" slideshow transition to BreezeViewer
Re-written Hashtag Monitor so that login the screen can handle Captcha codes
Added {field,n,str} token to make it easier to extract values from strings
Fixed a problem with the "Match filename" option not working after adding unicode support in v1.5


19 February 2015: v1.5.1

Fixed a problem with caption font sizes when using a custom output size in Hotfolder Prints
Fixed a problem with reading the hotfolder location when launching Hotfolder Prints with an XML settings file
Added the option to save the Instagram username and password when running Hashtag Monitor
Added configurable polling interval option for Hashtag Monitor (accessed via Configure.exe utility)
Added desktop shortcut for Hashtag Monitor for easier launching
BreezeViewer now accepts tokens for the date when specifying the folder to monitor


29 January 2015: v1.5

New Instagram hashtag monitor for downloading Instagram photos with a given hashtag
Added optional color management when printing
Added interactive editor for print layouts
Added the importing and exporting of photobooth print layouts
Added the ability to print QR codes on prints
Added unicode support for handling characters in most languages
Added the option to leave a space between images when using the mosaic layout option in BreezeViewer
Added captions in the mosaic transitions in BreezeViewer
Added mosaic zoom transition to BreezeViewer
Added the option to crop photos before displaying them in BreezeViewer
Added a user definable background color and an optional background image for the slideshow in BreezeViewer


18 October 2013: v1.4.4

Added the ability to email photos using HTML formatting
Added the option to scan subfolders for images to the Breeze Viewer slideshow utility


19 April 2013: v1.4.3

Added the option to wait for the XML file and to read the filenames of the images from the XML file
Added auto color/B&W option which reads the color/B&W mode from the XML file
Added the ability to send emails to multiple email addresses read from the XML file by using the {user_data_emails} token
Added the ability to specify the caption text, font, color and placement to BreezeViewer slideshow utility
Added "mosaic", "mosaic with fade" and "mosaic with dissolve" slideshow transitions to BreezeViewer slideshow utility
"None" and "mosaic" slideshow transitions in BreezeViewer optimized to run faster on graphics cards without graphics acceleration
Fixed a problem which could cause the folder being monitored changing after 60 secs when loading settings from the command line


10 December 2012: v1.4.2

Added an option to wait for the XML file, containing data such as the user's email address, to be written before processing images
Fixed a problem with email_image.exe displaying a timed error message when there isn't an internet connection


9 November 2012: v1.4.1

Added an option to automatically create the folder being monitored if it doesn't already exist
Added optional naming of the JPEG copy of the printed output by using tokens in the filename prefix
Added notes about automatically uploading images to Facebook and photo sharing sites using DropBox/Google Drive/Box and IFTTT


8 June 2012: v1.4

Added automatic print copies option which reads the number of copies to print from the XML summary file written by Breeze Systems' photobooth software
Now has the option to save the current printer settings when saving the settings to file and to restore them when the settings are loaded from file
Added information about automatically uploading images to Facebook and photo sharing sites using DropBox/Google Drive/Box and WappWolf
email_image.exe no longer displays a timed error message dialog if there is no internet connection


29 February 2012: v1.3

Now includes the Breeze Viewer slideshow utility
Log email addresses option now also keeps a separate log of failed emails to make it easier to resend them later
Added an option to copy JPEG output to a separate folder
Added more detailed help on how to upload photos to Facebook and other social networking sites
JPEG copy subfolder now accepts absolute pathnames


27 September 2011: v1.2.3

Added an option in email_image.exe to save email addresses to a CSV log file
Fixed a problem emailing images when the image filename or folder contains spaces
Fixed a problem emailing images when the number of retries was set to none


11 August 2011: v1.2.2

Fixed a problem reading <user2_data> to <user9_data> tags from the XML summary file written by our photo booth software
Now doesn't run the optional command if it contains {user_data} tokens which aren't present in the XML summary file (this prevents an error window being displayed when users choose not to email images in the photo booth software).
Added the ability to use date based tokens when specifying the folder to be monitored. The folder path is checked every 60 seconds and updated if necessary.


12 May 2011: v1.2.1

Now reads multiple user data fields (e.g. names and email addresses) from XML files written by Breeze Systems' photobooth software when using the touchscreen keyboard option
Rewritten the email_image.exe utility to run as a Windows app to avoid having a Command Prompt window popping up when it is run. The email_image.exe utility now has a debug mode, the option to retry if sending the email fails and a send test email button to help with setting it up.


21 March 2011: v1.2

Added the ability to read user data (e.g. email addresses) from XML files written by Breeze Systems' photobooth software when using the touchscreen keyboard option
The filename prefix and subfolder where JPEG copies of layouts are saved is now user definable
Regular expressions may be used to control which images added to the folder being monitored are processed


10 December 2010: v1.1.1

Now appends a number to the filenames of saved JPEG layouts to avoid overwriting existing files
email_image.exe command line email utility now has the option to specify the port number of the email server and to use SSL STARTTLS to send secure emails
Now includes an email settings dialog to help setup the command line for emailing images


1 October 2010: v1.1

Added the ability to specify a custom page size when the output setting is "JPEG copy only"
Added an optional command line to run on the JPEG print layout e.g. to allow images to be automatically uploaded to photo sharing and social network sites
Now automatically loads settings from a file if the file is dragged and dropped on the Hotfolder Prints desktop icon
Now detects images that are added to the folder using a different file extension (e.g. .tmp) and then later renamed to have a .jpg file extension


9 July 2010: v1.0.1

Added optional delay before processing images
Added option to pause/resume printing
Improved the user interface so that controls are no longer disabled during printing
Added keyboard shortcuts for selecting B&W/color and the number of copies to print


15 June 2010: v1.0

First public release