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Breeze Systems Release NKRemote 1.0: remote capture software for Nikon D3, D700, D300, D90 and D200 cameras

14th January 2009: Breeze Systems announce the immediate availability of NKRemote 1.0; Windows based software to control Nikon DSLR cameras from a PC. Breeze Systems' highly regarded software has been used to control Canon cameras since 2001. NKRemote 1.0 is the first full release of similar software for Nikon DSLR cameras and currently supports the Nikon D3, D700, D300, D90 and D200.

Camera controls are clearly laid out and easily accessible on the left side of the main window

NKRemote 1.0 offers Nikon professionals a straightforward, easy to use tool to control Nikon DSLR cameras from a PC, display live images on a PC screen*, autofocus and manually control focus* from a PC, plus comprehensive time lapse control. The large preview image optionally displays flashing highlights to indicate over-exposed areas, grid overlay and crop marks to assist accurate alignment, black and white images and focus point overlay. Customers can view pictures without interrupting shooting. NKRemote 1.0 can also run as photo booth software for events.

Chris Breeze writes "We receive a steady flow of requests for a Nikon equivalent to our powerful and user friendly camera control software for Canon cameras. Pre-release versions of this application have been enthusiastically received by Nikon users. NKRemote 1.0 extends the initial range of Nikon DSLR cameras supported and combines them in a single application."

NKRemote 1.0 has been developed by Chris Breeze, who has established a worldwide reputation for digital camera software since 2001 (including DSLR Remote Pro, DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera, PSRemote, BreezeBrowser Pro and Downloader Pro). NKRemote 1.0 is available from Breeze Systems' website www.breezesys.com priced at US $95. This price includes one year's free upgrades. Customers who have bought pre-release versions of the program (formerly known as D300 Remote and D90 Remote) will be issued a free license for NKRemote.

NKRemote 1.0 runs on WIndows XP or Windows Vista (32-bit versions only). Download a 15 day free trial from Breeze Systems' website www.breezesys.com.

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*Please note: The Nikon D200 does not support live view display or manual control of focus

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Breeze Systems' Press release: NKRemote 1.0 for controlling the Nikon D3, D700, D300, D90 and D200 cameras from a Windows PC