Post Processing (taking photos for web display)

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PSRemote can automatically resize, level and sharpen JPEG images after they are taken making it quick and simple to prepare images for online auctions and web sites. This option can only be applied to JPEG images which are saved to computer's disk. To enable post processing select "Post processing..." from the File menu and the dialog below will be displayed:





The standard resolution of the camera is much bigger than is needed for web display. Most computer displays are 800 x 600 pixels or larger and so it is a good idea to resize the images to around 450 pixels wide or high.


Auto levels

Auto levels automatically adjusts the contrast of the image so that the range of tones goes from black through to white. This option is useful for automatically adjusting for exposure errors (image too dark or too bright). The black point sets the percentage of the pixels in the image that are set to black and the white point sets the percentage of pixels of pixels that are set to white. A value of 0.05% is a good starting point for both settings. If the black point is set too high some of the detail in the dark areas of the photo will be lost. Likewise setting the white point too high will lose detail in the bright areas.



Digital images usually need some sharpening after they have been resized. A sharpening amount of between 75 and 85 usually gives good results. Setting this value too high will result in very harsh edges in the image.


JPEG save quality

JPEG images use "lossy" compression to reduce the size of the file saved on your hard disk or downloaded from a website. This lossy compression throws away some of the image data to reduce the file size. Lower values give smaller file sizes but reduce the quality of the image. If the quality is too low you will start to see halos and blurring around the edges in the image. A save quality of between 70 and 90 generally gives good results.



Press the "Defaults" button to set the values to suggested values for images for an online auction site or a website.