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21 December 2016: v3.3

Added support for creating animated GIFs (and MP4 movie copies) in photo booth mode
Added support for sending photos and animated GIFs by MMS (US and Canada only) or SMS via
Added support for sharing photos and animated GIFs via Twitter
Added options to share animated GIFs by email and Facebook (animated GIFs shared on Facebook are hosted on
Added print option to sharing screen
Movie file display no longer uses Apple's QuickTime libraries


15 December 2015: v3.2.2

Fixed a problem with image attachments not displaying in emails sent to
Replaced %1, %2, %3, %4, %5, %6 tokens with {yearNow}, {monthNow}, {dayNow}, {yearLess8h}, {monthLess8h}, {dayLess8h} to avoid problems with unwanted substitutions in emails
Fixed a typo in the default text for HTML emails: correcting <image src="{image}"> to <img src="{image}">


9 November 2015: v3.2.1

Fixes a problem in PSRemote v3.2 with setting the print preview size and position in the print confirmation screen


19 October 2015: v3.2

Added new touchscreen action editor
Added "Message input at end of sequence" touchscreen keyboard option to allow users to enter a message which can be added to the printed output (using the {message} token)
Added an option to print photos from the sharing screen (this can also be selected when running the photobooth setup wizard)
Added optional password to protect "exit photobooth mode" touchscreen action
Added touchscreen actions and keyboard shortcuts to select a profile and start the shooting sequence (profiles 1 to 8 only)
Added the option to log Facebook uploads to file
The default touchscreen keyboard for entering the user's Facebook login name and password now displays punctuation characters when the shift key is pressed (US keyboard layout)
Email message text can now be specified in HTML format and plain text format
Added offline email mode and the ability to send the emails after the event
Added mandatory option to <prompt> tag in touchscreen keyboard XML definition to indicate that an input field must contain text
Added Inactivity timer which automatically switches the photo booth to standby mode after a user definable period of inactivity
Now supports up to 12 captions in the print layout, options to change the caption display order and the option to right justify the caption text


9 October 2014: v3.1

Added the option to crop the photo before uploading to Facebook or sending by email
Added "Single strip of 2" preset layout option
Fixed a possible problem where uninstalling a printer driver could cause the program to crash
The body text for emails now allows return characters
Improved error reporting when testing and sending emails and improved support for services such as free email services like


25 August 2014: v3.0.1

Fixed a problem which caused version 3.0 to crash on some systems


5 August 2014: v3.0

Added interactive editor for photobooth print layouts
Added the importing and exporting of photobooth print layouts
Added the ability to print QR codes on photobooth prints
Added optional thumbnail display in photobooth mode
Added new photobooth dashboard to provide quick access to the main photobooth settings
Added 3:2 aspect ratio option for compatibility with DSLR photobooth templates
Increased the number of photobooth profiles from 8 to 18
Increased the number of photobooth captions from 2 to 8


20 February 2014: v2.6

Added the ability to upload photos to a user's Facebook page in photobooth mode
Added the ability to email photos in photobooth mode
Added "Confirm printing (no JPEG copy)" print option in photobooth mode
Added the option to rotate as well as crop and resize the additional JPEG copy of the printed output
Added a single photo layout option in the photobooth setup wizard and preset layouts tool
Improved the performance of printing custom layouts in photobooth mode when images are printed multiple times e.g. the double strip of four layout
Now disables touchscreen edge gestures when running in full screen photobooth mode on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 systems
Fixed a problem with the final photo preview being dismissed too quickly in photobooth mode
Fixed a problem the ready screen not being updated when using touchscreen actions to switch between color and B&W in photobooth mode


8 February 2013: v2.5.1

Fixed a problem with cropping and resizing the JPEG copy of the printed output in photobooth mode
Fixed a problem with using the {photoboothDir} and {photoboothSubdir} tokens with profiles in photobooth mode


27 November 2012: v2.5

Added the ability to use movies to animate photobooth screens
Added next/previous profile keyboard shortcuts and touchscreen actions in photobooth mode
Fixed a problem with screen updates when switching from a photobooth profile with live view enabled to one with it disabled
Added two new preset photobooth layouts: double strip of 3 photos and single strip of 3 photos


8 November 2012: v2.4

Added post processing options in photo booth mode for easier website and social networking site uploads
Added fast resize option in photobooth mode - provides faster print processing with minimal reduction in image quality
Added options to reprint photo booth photos after an event


16 May 2012: v2.3

Added Photobooth Setup Wizard which automatically creates all the screens and the print layout for common photobooth configurations
Added an option to include the current printer settings when saving the photobooth settings to file
Added a quick reprint option (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+R) when the output option is set to "Print and save JPEG copy"
Added {uid} token which generates a unique id for filenames and captions when shooting in photobooth mode


3 February 2012: v2.2.2

Added <caption1> and <caption2> tags to the XML photobooth summary file
Added an option to the touchscreen keyboard to hide text when entering a password
Greenscreen backgrounds can now be replaced by copying the new greenscreen_background.jpg image into the photo booth images folder while the booth is running
Fixed problems using 8 profiles in photobooth mode


PSRemote v2.2.1, released 11 January 2012

Added timeouts in photobooth mode for print confirmation and touchscreen keyboard input
Displays optional reprinting,jpg screen image and skips the print confirmation screen when reprinting photobooth images
Added optional checkboxes to the touchscreen keyboard in photobooth mode


PSRemote v2.2, released 8 November 2011

Fixed a problem with photobooth preview images not showing the virtual background when green screen shooting
Added the ability to specify a horizontal offset for the live view display in photobooth mode
Added the option to use {photoboothSubDir} or {photoboothDir} tokens when specifying the profile pathname to allow the use of more than 8 photobooth profiles
Added a separate delay for the first photo in the stills photobooth shooting sequence
Added optional color management of printed images
Fixed a problem with incomplete screen refreshes when switching photobooth profiles


PSRemote v2.1.2, released 3 August 2011

Added preset layouts when using the custom layout option to help design popular layouts using four photos
Added monochrome tint option to support printing in sepia and other tints in photobooth mode
Added standby option in photobooth mode


PSRemote v2.1.1, released 4 May 2011

Added blue screen shooting
Added default profile option to reset the photobooth to a known state after each shooting sequence
Enhanced touchscreen keyboard in photobooth mode to allow multiple input fields and the use of a normal keyboard


PSRemote v2.1, released 8 February 2011

1.Added confirm_printing.jpg and printing_confirmed.jpg screens when using the print confirmation option in photo booth mode
2.Added optional touchscreen keyboard in photo booth mode
3.Green screen shooting in full screen photo booth mode now has the ability to use different backgrounds and overlays for each shot and to save a green screened copy of each photo


PSRemote v2.0, released 10 November 2010

1.Added green screen shooting in photobooth mode
2.Added the ability to crop live view images in fullscreen photobooth mode by holding down the shift key and using the cursor left/right keys
3.Photobooth mode now has the options to specify the vertical positioning of the countdown text and to disable live view during printing
4.Fixed a problem with dark live view images when using a Canon PowerShot G9 or G10 with the manual exposure setting and flash in full screen photobooth mode
5.Fixed a problem saving and restoring the aperture value when using a Canon PowerShot S5 IS


PSRemote v1.9.1, released 26 May 2010

1.Fixed a problem that caused the error message "An Invalid Argument Was Encountered" to be displayed on some systems when selecting full screen photobooth mode


PSRemote v1.9, released 24 May 2010

Added the following enhancements to photobooth shooting:

New, more flexible custom layout of prints including image rotation. Please note that custom layouts from previous versions of PSRemote will need to be updated if they use the "Copy left half of page to right to create a double strip" option
Captions can now be rotated
Live view is hidden when displaying the release.jpg image to avoid confusion caused by the live view freezing just before the picture is taken
Added an optional minimum duration before closing the processing.jpg screen to allow a 'Please leave the booth now' message to be displayed for several seconds at the end of the sequence
Improved handling of external button presses in photobooth mode to prevent a new shooting sequence from being started before the current one has finished printing


PSRemote v1.8.2.1, released 15 March 2010

1.Added MinZoomSetting and MaxZoomSetting registry settings for limiting the lens zoom range
2.Now updates the screen image in fullscreen photobooth mode when switching between B&W and color


PSRemote v1.8.2, released 11 February 2010

1.Photobooth countdown next now centered above the live view images when the live view images are placed towards the bottom of the screen
2.Added touchscreen options for zooming the lens and reprints


PSRemote v1.8.1, released 2 January 2010

1.Added checks during photobooth printing to prevent users pressing buttons from causing printing to switch between B&W and color
2.Fixed a problem reading registration codes issued after 2009


PSRemote v1.8, released 24 November 2009

1.Added more flexible touchscreen options to photobooth mode and the ability to switch between different sets of photobooth settings
2.A camera delay can now be entered in the photobooth settings to allow for older PowerShot models which may have a significant delay when taking photos
3.Added optional release.jpg screen which is displayed immediately before taking a picture in full screen photobooth mode
4.Added Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut in full screen photobooth mode to reprint the last print


PSRemote v1.7, released 5 August 2009

1.Added custom layout option for photobooth prints and the ability to load and save photobooth settings
2.Fixed occasional problem on some PCs which resulted in 'back to back' shots in photobooth mode where the next shot is taken immediately after the last shot has been downloaded
3.The photobooth input option to "Left click top left to start color sequence, bottom left for B&W" now works properly when clicking in the bottom left of the screen.
4.Fixed a problem with the white balance settings when using older PowerShot models


PSRemote v1.6.5, released 11 March 2009

1.Fullscreen photobooth shooting now includes an option to use the mouse for triggering the photobooth sequence and for switching between B&W or color photos
2.Added auto-reconnect option in photobooth mode
3.Added the ability to play .wav sound files when displaying photobooth prompt screens
4.Added the ability to specify the number of copies of photobooth prints
5.Added additional start options for fullscreen photobooth mode to facilitate the use of touchscreens
6.Added support for the StealthSwitch in fullscreen photobooth mode


PSRemote v1.6.4, released 16 October 2008

1.Added left.jpg, right.jpg and middle.jpg options for more flexible layout of images in photobooth mode
1.Added information about how to use external buttons for photobooth shooting
2.Added an "offset from top option" to the photobooth settings to give more flexibility in the positioning of the live viewfinder
3.Added support for Canon PowerShot SX110 IS and Canon PowerShot G10


PSRemote v1.6.3, released 24 July 2008

1.Added option to show or hide the progress bar when processing images in photobooth mode
2.Added optional cropping of JPEG images


PSRemote v1.6.2, released 5 June 2008

1.Added preview display, countdown font size and color selection, caption printing and print only/print and save image or save image only options in photobooth mode
2.Optimized live viewfinder display to make it less CPU intensive
3.Now supports custom white balance with recent cameras
4.Added workaround for Canon PowerShot G9 bug where focus is lost when taking pictures using close-up AF


PSRemote v1.6.1, released 9 May 2008

1.Added GDIplus.dll required for running on Windows 2000
2.Added F2 and F3 keyboard shortcuts for taking photobooth shots in B&W or color respectively


PSRemote v1.6, released 24 April 2008

1.Added photobooth shooting mode
2.Added lossless JPEG auto rotation option


PSRemote v1.5.8, released 11 January 2008

1.Added support for Windows Vista


PSRemote v1.5.7, released 26 October 2007

1.Added support for Canon PowerShot SX100 IS


PSRemote v1.5.6, released 19 September 2007

1.Added preliminary support for Canon PowerShot G9 - fully supports the camera apart from shooting in raw mode


PSRemote v1.5.5, released 22 August 2007

1.Added support for Canon PowerShot S5 IS
2.Added camera auto-reconnect option


PSRemote v1.5.4, released 18 April 2007

1.Added 2x, 3x, 4x and fill screen live viewfinder scaling
2.PSRemoteLib extended to give control over autofocus and live viewfinder
3.Displays lens focal length and zoom information for G7 and A640


PSRemote v1.5.3, released 14 November 2006

1.Added the option to run a batch command after completing an auto-bracket sequence
2.Extended the auto bracket shot separation to up to 2 stops separating each shot
3.Simplified the interface to motion detection software


PSRemote v1.5.2, released 30 June 2006

1.Added option for appending a sequence letter to the end of image filenames when shooting auto-bracket sequences
2.Fixed problems with Canon PowerShot A620, S80 and S3 IS on Windows 2000


PSRemote v1.5.1, released 26 April 2006

1.Improved support for the Canon PowerShot S3 IS
2.Improved control over zooming the lens when using the mouse to drag the slider


PSRemote v1.5, released 16 March 2006

1.Added JPEG post processing option to resize, auto level and sharpen the image
2.Added support for Canon PowerShot S2 IS, S80 and A620
3.Added preliminary support for Canon PowerShot S3 IS
4.Added new auto bracket feature
5.Added motion detection option (requires additional software)
6.Added the following functions to the interface library: connect/disconnect camera; set white balance; exit PSRemote
7.Included sample Perl script which uses the command line app for interval shooting with PSRemote
8.Added option to re-learn camera settings


PSRemote v1.4, released 18 January 2005

1.Improved "learning" of camera settings the first time it is connected
2.Additional checks for out of range Tv values when learning camera settings
3.Added new function call to set filename prefix when using the interface library
4.Added a section in the help file about using the interface library


PSRemote v1.3, released 8 July 2004

1.Added support for Canon PowerShot S1 IS
2.Improved support for Canon PowerShot Pro1