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PSRemote (discontinued)

The leading application for controlling Canon PowerShot cameras from a Windows PC. It gives a high degree of control over the camera and includes a live viewfinder display allowing the camera to be operated up to 5m (16 feet) from the computer using a standard USB cable.

PSRemote is designed for Canon PowerShot cameras that support remote capture from a PC including the G10, G9, G7, SX110 IS, SX100 IS, S5 IS, A640, S80, Pro1, G6, S3 IS, S2 IS, S70, A620, A520 and many other cameras. The most recent Canon PowerShot models that can be used with PSRemote are the G10, G9, SX110 IS, SX100 IS and S5 IS. Please see the features page for a full list of supported cameras and operating systems

PSRemote includes a complete software solution for a professional photobooth. Please see our photobooth page to find out more.

Please Note PSRemote was be withdrawn from sale on January 1st, 2018. Please see the news page for more information.

What is PSRemote?

It's a compact and robust downloadable software program that allows photographs to be taken with a Canon PowerShot camera and viewed within seconds on a Windows PC. Learn More

Why Use PSRemote?

PSRemote enables Canon PowerShot camera users to:

  • Control the camera from a Windows PC
  • Operate the camera from a distance and in inaccessible locations
  • Run a photo booth with optional green screen and the ability to print, email and upload the photos to Facebook*
  • See live viewfinder display on PC screen
  • See large high resolution previews of shots on the PC within seconds
  • Take better product shots for eBay and other online auctions/stores
  • Improve exposure control in tricky lighting conditions
  • Gain unrivalled control of camera settings in tethered operation
  • Create time lapse sequences over short or extended periods
  • Use motion detection to automatically take pictures for wildlife photography and security applications (requires Webcam Zone Trigger which must be purchased separately).

Use the large preview image to display:

  • Flashing highlights to indicate over-exposed areas
  • Grid overlay to assist accurate alignment

What Do I Need to Install PSRemote?

An internet connection and Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 or Window Vista (32-bit versions only) installed on your computer. Older PowerShot models may also require Canon’s USB drivers to be installed on your PC. These are available on the disk supplied with your camera and can also be downloaded from Canon’s website.
Please note that some older PowerShot models are not supported on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 and will only work on Windows XP. Microsoft ended support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014 and therefore we are no longer able test or support our software on Windows XP. PSRemote should still work on Windows XP however we strongly recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version of Windows.

Who Uses PSRemote?

Photo booth operators and anyone who needs complete remote control of their Canon PowerShot camera from a PC. This includes event photographers, product photographers, online auction sellers, scientists and researchers, ID photographers, aerial photographers, animators and wildlife photographers.

How Much Does PSRemote Cost?

PSRemote costs US $175 (click here for free trial* or to purchase) and includes one full year of free upgrades.

Custom Solutions

Breeze Systems also provides customized remote capture applications for Canon DSLR and PowerShot cameras. Contact to discuss your requirements.

*Risk Free. Try before you buy. When you do decide to buy there is no need to download the software again - simply place your order and then enter your registration code to unlock the software.

*The ability to upload to and download from third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is subject to each third party concerned continuing to allow such interactions. These features are tested before they are released but may cease to function or be removed without notice if the third party concerned no longer allows such interaction or changes the method/protocol required.