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New! Custom photobooth print layout option and the ability to load and save settings now available in the latest versions of DSLR Remote Pro for Windows, NKRemote and PSRemote

Please also see this series of articles to help get the most out of our photo booth software

Photo Booth Software for Canon and Nikon Cameras (Windows only)

The craze for digital photo booths at events hit the US in 2007 and has spread rapidly. Guests have a great time shooting themselves posing in front of the camera and take home a keepsake of the occasion. Breeze Systems' photobooth software is a popular professional choice and includes touchscreen or push button start, live view*, countdown screens and automatic printing of strips. This software is suitable for both commercial events and home use. The countdown screens and prints can be customized for your business and/or event.

Photo booth mode has been added to PSRemote, NKRemote and DSLR Remote Pro for Windows in response to the increasing popularity of these events. The live view lets people see themselves in front of the camera. Highly configurable prints can be unique to the event and promote your business. Both formatted prints and the original image can be saved for later reprinting, uploading to web galleries and copying to CD.

For a more professional setup a touchscreen, StealthSwitch (or StealthSwitch II with large arcade style buttons) can be connected to the PC and used to trigger the photobooth sequence. Please see this article on photobooth shooting for more information.

PSRemote supports Canon PowerShot cameras and DSLR Remote Pro for Windows supports Canon EOS digital SLRs
NKRemote supports Nikon digital SLRs
Please check that your camera model is supported before purchasing. This software is currently only available for Windows PCs.

Risk Free. Try before you buy. When you do decide to buy there is no need to download the software again - simply place your order and then enter your registration code to unlock the software.

What will I need?

  • a Canon EOS camera such as the Canon EOS 1000D/Rebel XS and our DSLR Remote Pro for Windows software
    a suitable Canon PowerShot camera (see list of supported models) and our PSRemote software
    a supported Nikon digital SLR such as the Nikon D90 and our NKRemote software
  • Computer running Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (32-bit versions only) or Windows XP
  • Printer
  • A start button e.g. an arcade style button (more...) or a USB button such as the StealthSwitch
    a touchscreen

What do our customers say?

"The update to PSRemote ran flawlessly last night. We had 125 people go through the photo booth over the course of the evening. Some quite a few times and the S5 IS camera running on an AC adaptor ran beautifully. No bugs or issues to report at all. It just worked."

Richard G


"Your software is amazing... The interface is very user friendly"

"Once again, so simple to use."

Phillip Sandoval

Printed output

The print layout is very flexible and is easily configurable using the photo booth settings dialog and images to define the background, header, footer and overlay. Here are some more examples:

Here black and white prints create a clean modern look. They are also a popular way to achieve a 'retro' feel.

The stylish drop shadow effect was created with the overlay option.


Duplicate sets of prints can be separated giving both guests and hosts a keepsake.

Photos copyright 2008, Richard G

Promote your business and mark the event on the prints.


All the images are saved to the computer's hard disk for future reference and there is an option to also save the prints to make reprinting easier. This also allows web galleries to be generated from the photo booth images using suitable web gallery software such as our BreezeBrowser Pro.

* Please note: live view display is only available with cameras that support live view. Please see the DSLR Remote Pro live view page for details of Canon EOS cameras that support live view and the NKRemote live view page for details of Nikon DSLR cameras that support live view. All Canon PowerShot cameras released in the last 5 years which support remote capture also support live view. Some older models with USB 1.1 interfaces (e.g. Canon PowerShot G1) do not support live view. Please see the PSRemote features page for a list of Canon PowerShot cameras that support remote capture.

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