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Webcam Photobooth v2.4, released 17 May 2017

Added support for displaying an animated GIF in photo booth screens
Animated countdowns can now use an animated GIF which can be displayed over the live view display
Ready screen can now display an optional overlay (ready_overlay.png)
Added new Instagram style filters in photo booth mode
Photo booth setup wizard enhanced to support choosing the number of copies to print in the print confirmation screen and the creation of 'boomerang' animated GIFs
Optional tags added to the XML settings format to allow advanced users to create location independent settings files to make it easier to share settings on different photo booths
Fixed a problem with Facebook users not being logged out after uploading photos
Added support for drawing on or signing the print layout before printing or sharing
Added support for modifying photos before printing e.g. using Adobe Photoshop droplets
Live view cropping now supports vertical "letter box" style cropping in addition to horizontal cropping
New touchscreen actions added for increasing or decreasing the number of copies to print in the print confirmation screen. The print confirmation screen now uses different backgrounds according to the number of copies .e.g confirm_printing_1.jpg, confirm_printing_2.jpg etc.
The number of touchscreen actions has been increased from 18 to 45
Now uses unicode for improved support for different languages
Added a "DPI aware" display option when running on high DPI screens


Webcam Photobooth v2.3, released 23 August 2016

Added fast stills capture option in video booth mode for creating fun animated GIFs
Added the option to create an animated GIF of the video clip when using the "Capture clip as a series of still frames" in video booth mode
Added the option to create an animated GIF slideshow of the stills photo booth shooting sequence
Added support for posting photos to Twitter
Added support for sending photos by MMS (US and Canada only) or SMS via
Now supports MP4 or MOV files for animated screens and countdowns
Movie file display no longer requires Apple's QuickTime libraries
Fixed a problem in v2.2 where the default profile is not loaded at the end of the shooting sequence


Webcam Photobooth v2.2.2, released 15 December 2015

Added a clicker mode option allowing users to choose when to take each photo instead of using the automated countdown
Fixed a problem with image attachments not displaying in emails sent to
Replaced %1, %2, %3, %4, %5, %6 tokens with {yearNow}, {monthNow}, {dayNow}, {yearLess8h}, {monthLess8h}, {dayLess8h} to avoid problems with unwanted substitutions in emails
Fixed a typo in the default text for HTML emails: correcting <image src="{image}"> to <img src="{image}">


Webcam Photobooth v2.2.1, released 9 November 2015

Fixes a problem in Webcam Photobooth v2.2 with setting the print preview size and position in the print confirmation screen


Webcam Photobooth v2.2, released 19 October 2015

Added new touchscreen action editor
Added "Message input at end of sequence" touchscreen keyboard option to allow users to enter a message which can be added to the printed output (using the {message} token)
Added an option to print photos from the sharing screen (this can also be selected when running the photobooth setup wizard)
Added optional password to protect "exit photobooth mode" touchscreen action
Added touchscreen actions and keyboard shortcuts to select a profile and start the shooting sequence (profiles 1 to 8 only)
Added the option to log Facebook uploads to file
The default touchscreen keyboard for entering the user's Facebook login name and password now displays punctuation characters when the shift key is pressed (US keyboard layout)
Email message text can now be specified in HTML format and plain text format
Added offline email mode and the ability to send the emails after the event
Added mandatory option to <prompt> tag in touchscreen keyboard XML definition to indicate that an input field must contain text
Added Inactivity timer which automatically switches the photo booth to standby mode after a user definable period of inactivity
Now supports up to 12 captions in the print layout, options to change the caption display order and the option to right justify the caption text
Fixed a problem loading a profile with "video booth mode at startup" set when video mode is already active


Webcam Photobooth v2.1, released 9 October 2014

Added the option to crop the photo before uploading to Facebook or sending by email
Added "Single strip of 2" preset layout option
Fixed a possible problem where uninstalling a printer driver could cause the program to crash
The body text for emails now allows return characters
Improved error reporting when testing and sending emails and improved support for services such as free email services like


Webcam Photobooth v2.0, released 9 September 2014

Added interactive editor for photobooth print layouts
Added the importing and exporting of photobooth print layouts
Added the ability to print QR codes on photobooth prints
Added optional thumbnail display in photobooth mode
Added new photobooth dashboard to provide quick access to the main photobooth settings
Increased the number of photobooth profiles from 8 to 18
Increased the number of photobooth captions from 2 to 8


Webcam Photobooth v1.7, released 20 February 2014

Added the ability to upload photos to a user's Facebook page in photobooth mode
Added the ability to email photos in photobooth mode
Added "Confirm printing (no JPEG copy)" print option in photobooth mode


Webcam Photobooth v1.6.3, released 28 November 2013

Added a single photo layout option in the photobooth setup wizard and preset layouts tool
Improved the performance of printing custom layouts in photobooth mode when images are printed multiple times e.g. the double strip of four layout
Now disables touchscreen edge gestures when running in full screen photobooth mode on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 systems
Fixed a problem saving the touchscreen keyboard layout to file


Webcam Photobooth v1.6.2, released 21 October 2013

Added the option to rotate as well as crop and resize the additional JPEG copy of the printed output
Fixed a problem with the ready screen not being displayed after a fast reprint
Fixed a problem with the sizing of the optional file when using profiles to switch to video booth mode


Webcam Photobooth v1.6.1, released 20 March 2013

Fixed a problem with post processing options affecting the printed output
Fixed a problem with an "ActiveMovie" window being displayed when switching to video mode on some systems


Webcam Photobooth v1.6, released 27 November 2012

Added the ability to use movies to animate photobooth screens
Fixed a problem with the date and time values saved in the XML summary file
Added next/previous profile keyboard shortcuts and touchscreen actions in photobooth mode
Added two new preset photobooth layouts: double strip of 3 photos and single strip of 3 photos


Webcam Photobooth v1.5, released 8 November 2012

Fixed a problem where stills mode uses the video resolution when switching from video to stills mode
Fixed a problem with touchscreen actions when using the photobooth setup wizard with the touchscreen and video options
Added fast resize option in photobooth mode - provides faster print processing with minimal reduction in image quality
Added post processing options in photo booth mode for easier website and social networking site uploads


Webcam Photobooth v1.4, released 16 May 2012

Added Photobooth Setup Wizard which automatically creates all the screens and the print layout for common photobooth configurations
Added an option to include the current printer settings when saving the photobooth settings to file
Added a quick reprint option (keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+R) when the output option is set to "Print and save JPEG copy"
Added {uid} token which generates a unique id for filenames and captions when shooting in photobooth mode


Webcam Photobooth v1.3.2, released 3 February 2012

Added <caption1> and <caption2> tags to the XML photobooth summary file
Added an option to the touchscreen keyboard to hide text when entering a password
Greenscreen backgrounds can now be replaced by copying the new greenscreen_background.jpg image into the photo booth images folder while the booth is running
Fixed problems using 8 profiles in photobooth mode


Webcam Photobooth v1.3.1, released 11 January 2012

1.Added timeouts in photobooth mode for print confirmation, touchscreen keyboard input and video confirmation
2.Displays optional reprinting,jpg screen image and skips the print confirmation screen when reprinting photobooth images
3.Added optional checkboxes to the touchscreen keyboard in photobooth mode
4.Fixed a problem with the software crashing on some systems when switching between video booth and stills photobooth modes


Webcam Photobooth v1.3, released 30 September 2011

1.Increased the number of profiles from 6 to 8
2.Added the option to use {photoboothSubDir} or {photoboothDir} tokens when specifying the profile pathname to allow the use of more than 8 profiles
3.Now displays the video_playback_finished.jpg screen image, if defined, after video playback
4.Added the ability to specify the size and position of the playback window in video booth mode
5.Added the ability to specify a horizontal offset for the live view display
6.Added a separate delay for the first photo in the sequence
7.Added optional color management of printed images
8.Fixed a problem in Webcam Photobooth v1.2 that affected the loading of profiles
9.Fixed a problem with incomplete screen refreshes when switching profiles


Webcam Photobooth v1.2, released 26 July 2011

1.Added preset layouts when using the custom layout option to help design popular layouts using four photos
2.Added monochrome tint option to support printing in sepia and other tints
3.Fixed problems with touchscreen actions not being processed in video booth mode
4.Fixed a problem writing user entered data from the touchscreen keyboard to the XML summary file


Webcam Photobooth v1.1, released 8 June 2011

1.Added video booth mode


Webcam Photobooth v1.0.1, released 4 May 2011

1.Added blue screen shooting
2.Added default profile option to reset the photobooth to a known state after each shooting sequence
3.Enhanced touchscreen keyboard in photobooth mode to allow multiple input fields and the use of a normal keyboard


Webcam Photobooth v1.0, released 28 February 2011

1.Webcam interface completely rewritten to allow the full range of resolutions supported by the webcam to be used
2.Added green screen shooting
3.Added touchscreen keyboard option


Webcam Photobooth v1.0 beta 3, released 8 December 2010

1.Fixed a problem with the countdown timer not running


Webcam Photobooth v1.0 beta 2, released 7 December 2010

1.Added countdown text positioning, cropping of live view images and first draft of the help files


Webcam Photobooth v1.0 beta 1, released 8 October 2010

1.Initial beta release