Software Ativation and Deactivation

This page provides support information for activating and deactivating DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.0 and later versions. Please see the main support page for general support information using software from Breeze Systems.

If you are having problems activating the software please check that your computer is set to the correct date and time. If this does not fix the problem please try running the program as administrator. You can do this by right clicking on the program icon and selecting "Run as administrator" from the menu.

Please email if you are having problems registering, activating or deactivating DSLR Remote Pro for Windows on your computer. Please include the following information:

  • Your registration name and registration code
  • Whether you purchased the license directly from this website or via a third party, and if so, who this was
  • The exact text of any error messages displayed when trying to register, activate or deactivate the software
  • The version of Windows you are using
  • Any other information you think may be relevant to help us diagnose the problem

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