BreezeBrowser Upgrades

The latest release is BreezeBrowser v2.13 released on 10 March 2006.

Please note: you will need to purchase an upgrade to use the latest version if your original purchase was more than a year before 10 March 2006.
You can check the date your license was issued within the program by clicking on the "Help" menu and selecting "About...".

Click here to download the latest release.

Release DateVersionDownload Link
10 Mar 2006BreezeBrowser v2.13Download BreezeBrowser v2.13
31 May 2005BreezeBrowser v2.12.1Download BreezeBrowser v2.12.1
9 Feb 2005BreezeBrowser v2.11.1Download BreezeBrowser v2.11.1
16 Dec 2004BreezeBrowser v2.11Download BreezeBrowser v2.11
20 Sep 2004BreezeBrowser v2.10Download BreezeBrowser v2.10
29 Apr 2004BreezeBrowser v2.9Download BreezeBrowser v2.9

The latest release is BreezeBrowser v2.13 which can be downloaded from here

Upgrade to BreezeBrowser Pro for only US $35!
Please see the upgrade page for details.

Please make sure you exit BreezeBrowser before installing a new release.