Running Breeze Booth
Getting Started
App Settings
Logging In and Out
Updating Events
Camera Settings
Using an external camera
Legacy support
Remote control and monitoring of the iPad
Status Screen
Locking Down the iPad
Web App
Creating an Account and Logging into the Web App
Subscriptions and Vouchers
Event Editor
Getting Started
Creating Events
Editing Events
General Settings
Power Saving Settings
Virtual Prop Editor
Touchscreen Editor
Photo Settings
Print Layout Editor
Print Compositing
Swapping print backgrounds and overlays
Slideshow GIF Settings
Burst GIF Settings
GIF Layout Editor
Video Settings
Sharing Settings
Gallery and Slideshow Settings
Breeze Hub
Quick Setup
Customizing the Start Screen and Removing Branding
Screens Displayed to the User
Keyboards and Surveys
Info Screens
Virtual Props
Timed Session
Keyboard shortcuts
QR Codes and Contactless Operation
Secure Single Use QR Codes
AI Background Removal
Automating using Shortcuts
Roaming Photography
Using Bluetooth
Status URL
Payment System
Release History

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