The Main Window

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The Main Window



When Flip Book Photobooth is run the main window is displayed. This shows a summary of the current printer and layout settings and the camera settings (if connected). Click on the "Setup..." button to setup the software or "Start" to enter fullscreen mode ready to start capturing and printing images.


Loading and Saving Settings

The current settings can be saved for future reference by selecting "Save Settings..." from the File menu and previously saved settings can be loaded by selecting "Load Settings...".


Connecting to the Camera

By default Flip Book Photobooth will attempt to connect to the camera when it starts up and will not try again. Select the "Connect" option from the "Camera" menu to manually connect to or disconnect from the camera. Alternatively select the "Auto reconnect" option from the "Camera" menu and the software will connect to the camera automatically when it is detected.

When the "Start when camera connects" option is selected the software will automatically switch to full screen mode when the camera connects.