Changing camera settings

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Changing Camera Settings

The camera settings can be changed using the controls in the main window or directly using the camera's controls. When the settings are changed on the camera they are updated and displayed in the main window. Not all controls can be changed in all camera modes (e.g. the shutter speed can only be set in Manual and Tv exposure modes) and so some controls are "grayed out" when they are not applicable.

Operation is more reliable if "Ignore camera updates" is selected from the Camera menu when taking pictures using the camera's controls. When this is selected the settings shown in the main window display are not updated to reflect changes in the camera's setting. You can update the settings display by pressing F5.


1.The lens can only be zoomed by physically turning the zoom ring on the lens
2.Depending on the camera model the focal length display may not be updated in the main window until the next picture is taken
3.You can only switch between manual and autofocus using the switch on the lens
4.There is no way to take a exposure reading and display it in the main window without taking a test shot
5.The exposure mode for the EOS-1D series cameras can be set from the PC. For other camera models it can only be selected by turning the mode dial on the camera
6.The flash exposure compensation, drive mode and AF mode can only be set using the camera controls when using a Canon EOS-1D and 1DS (also Kelvin color temperature for the EOS-1D). This is a limitation of the cameras' firmware and may be adjustable from the PC in a future release if Canon release new firmware.