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The "Download Photos" dialog can be used to download photos stored on the cameras' memory cards to the PC. This option is useful if the software has been setup to save the photos to the cameras' memory cards only. The "Download Photos" dialog can be displayed by selecting "Download Photos..." from the "Camera" menu or by typing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+D:




Set the "Delete files from memory cards after downloading" if you want to delete the files from the cameras' memory cards. Then click on the "Download" button to download raw files and JPEGs from the cameras' memory cards. The downloaded files will be downloaded with the filenames specified in in Preferences.


Please take care when shooting raw+JPEG and using the option to download the JPEGs to the PC at the time of shooting. The JPEGs that have already been downloaded my affect the filenames used for the raw+JPEG pairs when they are later downloaded using the "Download Photos" dialog. To avoid problems with confusing filenames caused by JPEGs already in the download folder it is best to move or delete the JPEGs before downloading the raw+JPEG files or to select an empty folder before downloading.