Editing Images and Editor Setup

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Editing Images and Editor Setup


Right click on the image and select "Edit Image" to open the image in an image editor (or press F3). For this feature to work you need to tell Multi-Camera how to run the image editor by selecting "Setup Image Editor" from the File menu.



Select the "Use the Windows Explorer 'Open' command" option to use the same editor or viewer as when you open or double-click an image in Windows Explorer.


Select the other option and enter the command line in the edit box to specify a different editor.


Select "Automatically edit image when a photo is taken" to automatically load images into an editor when they are taken. Please take care not to load too many images into your editor as Windows may run low on memory causing the editor or Multi-Camera to fail.



1.Only images saved to disk can be edited. Preview images cannot be edited.
2.Most image editors cannot open Canon raw files directly and will display an error message if you try to edit a raw image.