Photo Booth Software for Canon DSLR Cameras and Webcams

Breeze Systems' photo booth software powers professional photo booths worldwide. Guests start the booth using a touchscreen or pushbutton, see themselves pose live on screen as the software automatically takes a series of photos and prints them out so that guests can take away a unique memento of the occasion. The screens shown to the user and the final prints are fully customizable to promote your business and the event.

Share photos by uploading them directly from the photo booth to the user's personal Facebook page*, Twitter*, text (MMS in US and Canada and SMS elsewhere) or by sending an email.

Which Photo Booth Program do I need?

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows supports Canon EOS digital SLRs on Windows computers

Webcam Photobooth supports standard USB webcams on Windows computers

Please see this series of articles on photo booth shooting to help get the most from our photobooth software.
Or visit our blog for the latest news, hints and tips, and answers to common questions.

Fully Customizable

The screens displayed to the user are fully editable and can be used to create a branded photo booth in any language. Each screen is defined using JPEG images which can be edited in any image editor to customize the appearance of your photo booth.

The interactive print layout editor makes it easy to design your print layouts and save them for future reference. Import previously saved templates, free sample templates or professionally created designs from photo booth template vendors.

Green Screen Shooting

Green Screen Photobooth: Shoot against a green background and automatically replace the background with the virtual backgound of your choice. The live view images displayed to users are green screened in real time so that users see themselves with the virtual background. Add an optional overlay image for more realistic effects e.g. mock up a magazine front cover or add foreground bushes and trees for children to hide from monsters or dinosaurs.
Green screen is available in DSLR Remote Pro for Windows and Webcam Photobooth.


Share photos, animated GIFs and MP4 videos by uploading them directly from the photo booth to the user's personal Facebook page*, Twitter*, text (MMS in US and Canada and SMS elsewhere) or by sending an email.

Animated GIFs

Create animated GIFs with optional backgrounds and overlays and share them via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

Animated GIFs can be captured in normal photo booth mode to create a slideshow of the photos or in video booth mode to create a short "boomerang" silent movie like the one shown here. Please note that video booth mode is only available using DSLR Remote Pro or Webcam Photobooth.

Video Booth Mode

Video booth is similar to photobooth shooting but instead of taking a series of still images the video booth software captures a short video clip complete with sound. Just like with our photobooth software the whole process is fully automated. It has user definable screens, live view display, a countdown screen, video capture and playback and automatic downloading of the movie files from the camera to the PC. The video booth mode for Webcam Photobooth and DSLR Remote Pro for Windows' video booth can run on its own or with the photobooth mode allowing users to choose between capturing a video clip or taking and printing a series of still photos.
Users can choose to record a video clip, take normal photo booth photos or both.

Video booth mode is available with DSLR Remote Pro for Windows when using a recent Canon digital SLR or with Webcam Photobooth and a webcam.

Creative filter effects

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v2.6 and later now includes creative filters which can be used to apply special effects to the live view images shown to users and to the final prints. The standard effects include color and B&W negative, color and B&W posterization and the ability to over or under saturate images for a retro film-like look. Some examples are shown below:

Pop art filter

Original unmodified photo

Color negative effect

Monochrome negative effect

Color posterization effect

Monochrome posterization effect (single color)

Monochrome posterization effect (two colors)

Saturation effect (desaturated)

Saturation effect (over saturated)

Experienced C++ programmers can create the own special effects (please see the help files for details) or Breeze Systems can create new effects if you have special requirements.

Running a Slideshow

Images can be displayed as a slidehow on a large screen outside the booth using our BreezeViewer slideshow software. BreezeViewer automatically adds new photos to the slideshow and has a choice of attractive slideshow transitions including disolve, cube rotation, image flip and mosiac display.

Our Hotfolder Prints utility can also be used to optimize the photos to fit on the display as shown here.

Examples of different print layouts:

The double strip of 4 photos layout shown above is one of the most popular layouts for a photo booth. Photos can be printed in color, B&W or sepia.
Most modern dyesub printers loaded with 4"x6" can automatically cut the page into two 2"x6" strips when printing the photos. This layout and the double strip of 3 photos is created automatically using the photo booth setup wizard and the preset layouts tool.

The 1 large plus 3 small layout shown above is also popular. This layout is created automatically using the photo booth setup wizard and the preset layouts tool.

Almost any layout is possible such as this custom layout with rotated images and an overlay to simulate the look of 35mm film.

Fancy layouts like the ones shown above can be created using the custom layout tool. After printing it can be cut out and glued together to make a fun photo cube.

Additional print layouts can be downloaded from the free sample templates page.

How do I get started?

  1. Setup you printer for the required page size and select other options as required e.g. 2 inch cut to print a double strip of photos when using a dyesub printer
  2. Run the photobooth setup wizard, select the required print layout and it will create the print layout and screens displayed to the user for you
  3. Customize the look of your booth by editing the screen images or by adding captions and logos to the prints
For more information please see this series of articles on photo booth shooting:

Please also visit our blog for the latest news, hints and tips, and answers to common questions.

*The ability to upload to and download from third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is subject to each third party concerned continuing to allow such interactions. These features are tested before they are released but may cease to function or be removed without notice if the third party concerned no longer allows such interaction or changes the method/protocol required.

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