Contactless Photo Booth Solutions

QR codes offer a fast and safe way for guests to interact with your photo booth and image sharing products. Build a simple "scan to share" system, or create advanced user experiences that control every aspect of the user journey, all with the scan of a single QR code.

Simple to register. Simple to use.

Guests simply register their details online just one time, then they can use their QR code for the entire event to start the photo booth session, and automatically have the images emailed, or sent via MMS/SMS.

Alternatively, the session can be started by touch screen as normal, and then guests scan their QR code on the sharing screen to receive their images.

Works with these Breeze Products

Contactless for Breeze Booth Windows

Contactless for Breeze Booth for iPad

Contactless for Breeze Kiosk

DSLR/Webcam Scanner

Use your DSLR camera (for Windows), iPad camera (for iPad), or an external webcam (for Windows) as your QR code scanner.

Online QR Generator

Guests can register at, or design your own customised, web based QR generator.

Offline QR Generator

Keep it completely offline, by using Surveys in Breeze Booth for Windows and/or iPad to generate QR codes.

Start Sessions

Embed the Start command in the guests sharing code, to have them start their own photo or video session.

Auto Email & Text

Scan the QR code to start a session, and then have the images automatically email or SMS/MMS to the guests.

Manual Email & Text

Let guests manually share their images to email or SMS/MMS, by scanning their QR code on the share screen.

Switch Profiles

String together complex patterns of profile switching, all with a single scan of the QR code.

Apply Filters

Embed image filter choices in the QR code that get automatically applied when the session starts.

Pass Variables

Pass text variables to set the name of downloaded file and folder names. Add custom text to print layouts.

Set Overlays & Backgrounds

Allow guests to pre-select their overlay and background choices in the registration process.

Multiple Email Support

Allow groups of guests to register multiple email addresses against a single QR code for fast group sharing.

Breeze Booth for iPad Contactless Demo

Breeze Booth for Windows Contactless Demo

Thanks to David Dolder, for the example videos