What is the right Breeze Systems product for your needs?
Breeze products can be divided into four main use categories:

  1. Photo booth, flip books and other event software
  2. Control multiple cameras
  3. Remote operation of your Canon DSLR camera using a computer and direct storage of images on your computer's hard drive
  4. Image browsing, organizing, web page creation and raw conversion
  5. Downloading and automatic renaming, organizing and rotating of images from your digital camera to your PC
Photo Booth and Event Photography Software Products

Windows software for running a commercial photo booth using a Canon DSLR or a webcam. Learn more...

Windows event software for creating flip books at events

Hotfolder Prints: software for event photographers and photobooth operators. Monitors a folder for new images and automatically formats them into a page for printing or display and then optionally emails the image or copies it to another folder for automatic uploading to social networking sites.
Also includes Breeze Viewer slideshow software and Instagram and Twitter hashtag monitor utilities which automatically download photos from Instagram or Twitter with a given hashtag to provide an automated Instagram or Twitter print station.

Breeze Kiosk - run a touchscreen kiosk on a computer or Windows tablet to allow users to reprint photos, view photos, animated GIFs and movie files and share them via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

Multi-Camera Software

DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera: Allows remote operation of multiple Canon DSLR cameras via a PC running Windows 10, Windows 8, WIndows 7 or Windows Vista. Designed for capturing photos using multiple cameras for photogrammetry, special effects for movies and for events. Animated GIFs and MP4 movies can be created automatically at events using the Multi-Camera Animator.

Camera Control Software

DSLR Remote Pro: software for tethered shooting with Canon DSLR cameras
Allows tethered shooting with Canon DSLRs connected to a Windows computer using a USB cable. Please see the DSLR Remote Pro features page for a list of supported cameras.

  • Live view display
  • Automatically downloads and displays photos on the PC as they are taken
  • Enhanced control for timelapse photography
  • Allows clients to view images while shooting
  • Automatically downloads images directly to the computer's hard drive
  • Fully featured photo booth

Breeze Systems also provides customized remote capture applications for Canon DSLR cameras. Please contact sales@breezesys.com to discuss your requirements.

Image Browsing Software

BreezeBrowser Pro
I want to browse, edit, organize, enhance and present my images AFTER they are downloaded to my computer

I would also like to:

Image Downloading Software

Downloader Pro
I want fast, simple transfer of images from my camera or card reader to my PC; renaming and storing them with file and folder names I choose

I would also like :

  • To download IPTC and shooting data with my images
  • Full integration with BreezeBrowser Pro
  • To avoid duplication of images on my PC
  • Automatic editing of IPTC data
  • Automatic lossless rotation of JPEGs
  • To geotag photographs as they are downloaded

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