Please check our FAQ pages (Frequently Asked Questions) to see if your question has already been answered:

Product Help Files (Installed with product)

Access the extensive manual pages which give detailed instructions on how to use the product.


  • Open the program
  • View the support pages by either pressing the F1 key or by selecting "Contents" from the "Help" menu.

Alternatively the manual pages can be viewed online (Note: Opens new browser window)


Please see the upgrades page for information on upgrading to the latest version or to download previous releases of our software. You can also check for the latest version of the software by selecting "Check for updates" from the Help menu.

Facebook User Group and Blog

There is a Breeze Booth users group on Facebook which focuses on photo booth users and is a good source of information and help from other users. Please note that this group is not run by Breeze Systems, but we do frequently post on the group.

Please also visit our blog for the latest news, hints and tips, and answers to common questions.

Email Support

If you are still having problems please contact us at support@breezesys.com and provide as much detail about the problem and how to reproduce it as you can.

Please include in your email:

  • The version of Windows you are using ( example: Windows 10)
  • Product name and version (example: DSLR Remote Pro for Windows v3.5)
  • The camera model
  • Details of how to reproduce the problem

Please do not send sample images as they can be too large for some email systems to cope with. Instead, send a link to the posted images if possible.

Breeze Systems Ltd is a UK based business and we provide all customer support by email. Telephone support is not available.

Problems with software crashing at startup

If our software displays the splash screen at startup and then crashes on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you may need to change the Windows data execution protection settings. Please see this page for details on how to change the settings.

Buying a booth/other equipment with Breeze software installed (Windows based software)

Occasionally customers tell us they have been sold equipment with Breeze licenses issued in someone else's name, usually the name of the person or business selling the equipment. Breeze licenses are only valid if they are issued in your name. If you use a license issued to someone else it may stop working without warning.

If your copy of Breeze software is obtained via a third party, please be aware that

  • All Breeze software licenses are single user, non-transferable licenses
  • Each license allows the license owner to install the program on two computers, providing only one copy is used at any time.
  • Licenses and registrations for valid copies of the software are issued in the End User's name, not the name of the vendor
  • Breeze have no special agreements allowing photo booth vendors to sell licenses in their own name
  • Breeze have no special agreements allowing photo booth vendors to sell one license/registration to several people

A copy of the End User License Agreement for using our software can be found here. The End User License Agreement is also displayed when installing the software, and you can find it in the installation folder for each application.

If you buy equipment from a third party which includes Breeze software we suggest you check the registration details. If you are at all concerned that the license may not be valid for you to use, email sales@breezesys.com straight away. Include the registration name and code, and if possible a copy of your order/receipt. (Do not include any confidential information such as your credit card details.)

To check your registration start the program, click on "Help" then "Register".


We welcome your comments and suggestions about this site and our products. Please contact us at techsupport@breezesys.com with your views.