Changing screen backgrounds
in Breeze Booth for iPad

Want to create unique, custom interfaces for your booths? Learn how to make unique backgrounds for your screens.

30 September 2019


This tutorial outlines several ways you can rapidly customize Breeze Booth for iPad screens to create custom interfaces for your clients and reflect your business’ style.

Breeze Booth Event Editor has three simple ways to change your screen backgrounds.

  • Copying and adapting themes
  • Replacing or editing individual screens
  • Combining custom themes and individual screen changes

Creating and adapting themes

Breeze Booth includes a professionally designed theme called Chameleon. Choose this in the Event Creator to quickly build a stylish working system.

Ready screen using Standard Chameleon theme included with Breeze Booth for iPad

Chameleon theme includes a JPG screen background background.jpg and PNG overlay for keyboard screens called keyboard_background.png

Theme folder for Chameleon C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Breeze Booth for iPad\Themes\Chameleon showing background.jpg and keyboard_background.png

Adapting a theme to allow flexible background colors

To generate events whose screens have single color backgrounds use a theme without background.jpg or keyboard_background.png.

Here I have created a new theme called Chameleon (without background).

I copied the Chameleon folder and named the new folder Chameleon (without background). Then I deleted background.jpg and keyboard_background.png.

When designs are created with this new theme, they will have whatever background color I choose in the Event Creator.

My new theme folder is identical to Chameleon, except for the two images I deleted:

Theme folder for Chameleon (without background) does not include background.jpg or keyboard_background.png

When I run the Event Editor’s Event Creator, I can select my new theme from the drop down menu and choose the background color for my screens:

Choosing the background color of the screens in the Event Creator (Breeze Booth Event Editor)

The screens I generated are stored in the screens folder for this event

Screens folder for C:\Users\sue\Dropbox\Apps\Breeze Booth for iPad\events\tutorial demo mint screen backgrounds\portrait

When I run my new event on an iPad, all the screens will have the same background:

Custom ready screen


Custom sharing screen

Replacing the theme background with a custom background image

To replace the background in the original Chameleon theme with a seasonal alternative, I can could simply swap out the original background.jpg, or copy it and create another new theme.

Here I have copied the original theme, renamed the old background images and added new images called background.jpg and keyboard_background.png.

Fallen images theme folder (Breeze Booth for iPad)


I now have three themes to choose from in the Event Creator.

Choosing my new theme in the Event Creator (Breeze Booth Event Editor)


Screen set for new event with custom background screens


Replacing or editing individual screens

Themes are great when you are working at a high level, but you may find it easier to edit or replace individual screens than create a whole new set.

Here I have used the Chameleon (without background) theme I created earlier, and edited the plain white ready screen to add a discrete client logo. The other screens still have plain white backgrounds.

ready.jpg screen has been edited to add a logo. The other screens al lhave plain white backgrounds.


This tutorial explained how to create custom backgrounds for your Breeze Booth screens.

There’s plenty more

This tutorial was just an introduction to changing the look of your booth. The online manual explains how to use custom icons and much more.