Deploying events to your iPads and iPhones

How to update your iPad/iPhone with new and updated Breeze Booth events

Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) events are created and altered in the Breeze Event Editor. This runs on Windows, so events need  to be synced (transferred) from the Event Editor PC  to the devices (iPads/iPhones) where they are used.

When PC and iPad are on the same local network

Local sync is the easiest and fastest way to transfer your events when PC and iPad can be  connected to the same local network.  Using Local Sync to transfer events

Local Sync: Events are transferred to iPads/iPhones by scanning a QR code into the Breeze Booth app

Updating devices remotely

When the device cannot be connected to the Event Editor PC with a local network, you need to sync events remotely via the internet. Dropbox or a web server are used for this.

You can choose whether to update (‘sync’) all your events at the same time, or update a single event. Updating all events is the best way to check everything on the iPad is up to date, but may be slower than updating a single event (especially if you have a poor Internet connection).

You can also update the event list before updating individual events.

Requesting updates from the Breeze Booth App

Get an updated list of events

Refresh list is a fast way of seeing which events are available:

Update list of events button (Breeze Booth Events screen)


Get the latest version of all your events

Update all events brings the device completely up to date:

Update all events button (Breeze Booth Events screen)

Get the latest version of a single event

When you know which event you want, it is faster to just update that event:

Updating Demo 3 event (Breeze Booth for iPad)


Demo 3 update has been successfully completed (Breeze Booth for iPad)

Once the event(s) have been updated, you are ready to Run

Run Demo 3 event ( Breeze Booth for iPad)

Other ways to update events

You may want to update an event without going into the back end of the App. The following ways to sync events are especially helpful for fixed installation, drop off/postal booths and white label events.

  1. Quick set up – log in, select an event, and update it by showing the iPad screen a single QR code
  2. Automatic overnight update
  3. Updating an event while it is running

1.Quick setup

Quick Setup is a fast and simple way to log in and set up Breeze Booth on your own and your customers devices. This is a great tool for drop off and unattended booths, white label and virtual events. Learn more..

2.Automatic overnight update

This useful option for fixed installations forces a regular overnight update. If the booth is left running overnight, it will automatically check whether it is running the latest release and upgrade itself if necessary.

Set Sync event daily at 4am on the App Settings screen for an automatic update

Select Sync event daily to automatically update the current event each night

Purge photos daily at 4am and Auto run event at startup  are also useful options for fixed installations.

3.Updating an event while it is running

To update an event while it is running add a Sync Event touch screen action

Sample event menu with Sync option to update an event (Breeze Booth for iPad)

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