Welcome Part 2 - Breeze Booth Companion Apps

Breeze Booth Event Editor, Hub, Windows controller, and Web App
January 2023

Breeze Booth comes with the powerful Windows based Event Editor (where you create and edit designs), Hub (for fast Windows printing and data collection/analytics), Windows Controller (for remote troubleshooting) and the Web App (where you manage your account, users and devices). There is no extra charge for these apps, which can also be used during a free trial.

You can download and run the free events without using the companion Apps, but need them to unlock the full power of Booth.

Web App

Use the Breeze Web App to manage your account, and for fine grained control over users and devices. It’s also a handy tool to log devices out remotely. More

Event Editor – create new designs and adapting existing ones

Use the powerful Event Editor to tweak the events we provide, or create your own. Adapt the sample events, create new events from scratch, import, clone and edit your own designs.

Deploying events to your iPads and iPhones

When you have created or edited events in the Event Editor, you sync (transfer) them to your iPads and iPhones via the Internet or a local network. There’s no need to bring your devices back to the office for an update, they can be anywhere in the world. More

Hub – Printing, Data Collection and device monitoring

Connect your booth and printer to a low powered Windows device running Hub for robust Windows based printing. This is more reliable than AirPrint, and lets you use almost any dye sub printer More about printing

Hub produces event and survey statistics for one or many booths, and logs guest contact details. More

Remote monitoring: Hub also displays information about all connected iPads, including the current Breeze Booth screen, current battery status, storage space and user name if the iPad is logged in. More

Windows Controller

The Windows Controller is a great troubleshooting tool, enabling you to monitor and control the App remotely More

Making the most of the App

Booth comes with a library of tutorials for new users and a comprehensive online manual.

Booth support page includes support for Breeze Booth companion Apps Event Editor, Camera Controller, Hub & Web App

The Breeze user community on Facebook are also a great resource.

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