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Last updated July 2020


Breeze Booth is a powerful photo booth app designed with flexibility, redundancy and creativity in mind, and features the most powerful and flexible interface designer of any iPad app in the industry. Create graphically stunning designs, complex multi-menu navigations, engaging data surveys and customised keyboards. Quickly deploy them to a fleet of iPads using trusted cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud etc) or via your own private and secure web servers.

Make it yours. Make it your clients. Breeze Booth can be re-skinned to make it look like your very own photo booth software.

Free Trial

You can run Breeze Booth for free for as long as you like – it will be limited to ten photos or GIFs per day before a watermark is added to the output.

There is no charge to open a Breeze Booth account.  Use your account to buy subscriptions and redeem vouchers so that you can log in your iPads/iPhones.

Got a voucher? Open an account at breezebooth.net to redeem your voucher.

Unlimited photos. You need an account with at least one active subscription or voucher to use Breeze Booth for iPad for unlimited photos.

Downloading the App and sample events to your iPad

Breeze Booth runs on all iPads and iPhones running iPadOS and iOS13. Once you have downloaded the App, you will be prompted to download the sample events onto your iPad. This may take a little time as two of the events are quite large. Once they are successfully downloaded, you can run any of the five events.

Professionally designed events

Booth comes with six sample events as standard, professionally designed to run on iPads. Run these events out of the box to get a feel for what you can achieve with the App, then customize them to use at your own events with the powerful Windows based Event Editor.


Booth supports both iOS and SMTP emails. SMTP emails are more secure than iOS mail, and the best choice for corporate events. Fast and simple to set up, iOS mail is more suited to social events where you are not concerned about privacy and security of personal data. Sending emails from Booth.


Breeze Booth can run as a standalone App where guests email images and/or print them using AirPrint. You can also link the booth to a Windows PC running Breeze Hub for Windows based printing. More about printing.

You can of course add your own backgrounds, overlays, logos, captions and QR codes to your prints.

Building your own events from scratch

Create custom working designs in just three simple steps with the  Event Creator.

Making the most of the App

Booth comes with a library of tutorials for new users and a comprehensive online manual.

Booth support page includes support for Breeze Booth companion Apps Event Editor, Hub & Web App

The Breeze user community on Facebook are also a great resource.

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