Automatically displaying images

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When the slideshow is started it automatically advances to the next image using the current interval setting. The slideshow interval can be changed by right clicking the mouse and selecting "Interval" from the menu. The interval can be set from "As fast as possible" up to 10 minutes per picture.


If the option to "Monitor folder for changes and update display automatically" is set in preferences the slideshow will be updated automatically to include files that have been added to, deleted from or renamed in the current folder.


When the last image is displayed the slideshow will stop unless the "Loop" option is selected from the right click menu. When the "Loop" option is selected the slideshow will continue playing from the first image after it has displayed the last image.


Normally the images are displayed in sequential order but they can be displayed in random order by right clicking and selecting "Play in random order" from the menu. To ensure each image is displayed each loop of the slideshow this works in a similar way to shuffling a deck of cards then dealing each card in turn before shuffling again and repeating the process. When the "Monitor folder for changes and update display automatically" option is used with the random display order option newly added images will be displayed next. This is useful when displaying a slideshow of images from an event because it allows all the images from the event to be displayed in random order but also displays newly added files next.