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This plug-in automatically creates up to two backup copies of your images as they are downloaded. You can use exactly the same tokens to specify the download directory and filename as for the main download (see Preferences). Select "make backup files read-only" if you wish to make the backup files read-only and less likely to be accidentally overwritten or deleted.




Both the primary and secondary backups have the option to backup all files, JPEGs only or non-JPEGs only. This is useful if you are shooting raw+JPEGs and wish to copy JPEG proofs to one location for your client and the raw files to another location for backup purposes.


Please ensure you have plenty of spare space on the drive you are using for backups when using this plug-in.


Please note: The drive used for backups must be a normal read/write drive such as a hard disk. The plug-in can't be used to backup files to a CD or DVD writer.