Taking Photos

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Taking Photos from the PC

Press the "Preview" button in the main window to take a photo with the current camera which is displayed but is not saved.

Press the "Release" button to take a photo which is saved to the PC's hard disk or the camera's memory card. This will take a picture with the current camera only unless "Gang camera shutter releases together is set in preferences. When this option is set Multi-Camera will send release instructions to all connected cameras in succession as quickly as possible. There will be a delay of approximately 1/6 sec between the firing of each camera and so this option is only really suitable for static subjects.


You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts to take photos:

F8 - take photo with the current selected camera and all connected cameras if the "Gang camera shutter releases together" option is selected

Shift+F8 - take photo with only the currently selected camera

F9 - take preview photo with the currently selected camera (same as Shift+F8 except that the photos is not saved)


Taking Photos from the Camera

Press the shutter release on one of the connected cameras to take a photo with that camera only. This method is useful when aligning and focusing an array of cameras as you can quickly press the shutter release for a given camera, view the image in the main window, adjust the camera position or focus and repeat the process.


Using the Camera Remote Release Socket

Pictures can also be taken using a remote shutter release plugged in to the side of the camera. By wiring together remote shutter releases connected to each camera it is possible to trigger all cameras simultaneously. This method of triggering the cameras is recommended if the subject is moving. Please see this page on our website for more information.

Please note: There will be slight variations in the when each camera fires due to the shutter release lag which will vary from camera to camera. This can be reduced by using mirror lockup on the cameras.

It is advisable to set the camera lenses to manual focus before triggering the cameras simultaneously otherwise each camera may take a different amount of time to auto focus before taking the picture.