Image size, cropping, borders and frames

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Image Size

Click on the "Resize image" checkbox to resize the image and enter the new dimensions. The image can be enlarged or reduced as required. BreezeBrowser Pro uses high quality interpolation to preserve as much image information as possible when resizing. The size of the image can be defined in pixels, inches or cm. When using inches or cm the image size in pixels is calculated using the specified output DPI.


Use the "Image Rotation" dropdown list to rotate all images to landscape or portrait rotation. This is useful if several images are to be printed in a batch.



Select "Crop Image" if you want to crop the image so that it matches the aspect ratio of your prints. e.g. D30 raw images are 2160x1440 pixels and have an aspect ratio of 3:2. This means that they can be printed full frame on 6"x4" paper without cropping. However to print on 10"x8" paper some of the picture needs to be cropped from the left and the right. "Crop Image" will crop the minimum amount necessary to match the selected aspect ratio by taking an equal amount from the left and right (or top and bottom).



A border may be added to the image by selecting the "Border" checkbox. The border color is user-definable and can be changed by clicking on the "..." button. Use the dropdown list to select a full border all around the image or a border placed at the top or bottom of the image (this is useful if you want to add a caption but don't want it placed over the image).


Picture frames

Select the "image" option and press the "..." to select an picture frame image for the border. There are a number of predefined images in the "frames" folder where BreezeBrowser Pro is installed. Please the Guidelines for creating picture frames section for details on how to create your own picture frame images.



black matte 30 ex


Picture frame example using black matte 30.png


drop shadow 50 ex

Picture frame example using drop shadow 50.png