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Breeze Kiosk PDF Help Files - PDF version of the Hotfolder Prints help files for viewing online or downloading and printing.

Breeze Kiosk release history

Please see the series of articles on photobooth shooting for more information on using Breeze Kiosk.

Please see the article on "Networking for Photo Booths" for suggestions on how to setup a network to allow Breeze Kiosk to access photos on a computer running the photo booth software.

Facebook Updates

Please note: On 1st August 2018 Facebook are withdrawing the permissions required to upload photos from a desktop app and it will no longer be possible to use the FBUploader utility. Photos can be shared on Facebook by emailing or texting them to users where they will be able to share them using the Facebook app running on their device. Alternatively upload the photos to a website or microsite and provide sharing links to allow users to share the photos on Facebook when they view the page on their device.

If you are having problems uploading photos to Facebook from Breeze Kiosk before 1st August 2018 you may need to update the FBUploader.exe utility. The latest version is FBUploader v2.4.4 which fixes problems caused by recent changes to the way Facebook handles cookies. Please note: The Facebook uploader will not work after 1st August 2018.

To update FBUploader.exe download, unzip the ZIP file and copy FBUploader.exe to the Breeze Kiosk installation folder replacing the FBUploader.exe file that's already there. The Breeze Kiosk installation folder is normally C:\Program Files (x86)\BreezeSys\Breeze Kiosk.