World-class software for photo booths and cameras

Breeze build smart, reliable, world-class photo software that is used across 80 countries.

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The Photo Booth Guys

Photo Booth & Events

Photo booths have never been this fun. Add animated backgrounds, create GIFs and slow-mo videos, share photos and print them into flip books.

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World leading software for camera control and image organisation

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Our software isn’t just flexible, it’s fully adaptable to your brand

What makes Breeze software unique is that fact that it is fully adaptable to your brand. So whether you run a world-leading event business, are a small photo booth operator or run a company solo, Breeze has the right products for you.

Each product is built with passion, professionalism and unbeatable technical expertise. More than anything, it’s our rock solid reliability that has built our solid worldwide reputation, we know that software failure disappoints your customers just as much as ours. Breeze software is built to enhance your reputation rather than harm it.

Reliability that is echoed worldwide

Don’t simply take our word for it, our software travels to the most exclusive parties and amazing locations across the world. Here are just a few it has been to so far...

Our software is used at the Oscars

It’s true, the biggest red carpet stars get to play with our software at one of Hollywood’s biggest events.

We’ve climbed Everest

Well not technically, we’ve climbed it without even leaving our office. Our software has been to Earth’s highest mountain!


On a continent that is virtually uninhabited, our software has even been used in these coldest, windiest, driest climates.

Every photo from 2012 Olympics

All Getty Images photos from London 2012 Olympics were processed through Breeze software.


Breeze software has also been used during Wimbledon events, the oldest, long-standing tennis championship in the world.

You’ve seen our work

Most people on the planet have seen a photo that has passed through our software.

I'm really looking forward for your new BreezeBrowser, as it is one of the best photo tools in the world !!! ... I really can't wait to send you money for the new version of BBP :)))

Harald Klemm

... I’ve had the same experience as the rest that have replied. Going 9-10 years with Breeze webcam and DSLR. I’ve had issues, but not with the software. It was always the devices. It’s the main reason I’ve stuck with Breeze. It’s solid ... Breeze to me is a blank canvas. I can make any user interface and experience with it.

Arnel Viray iboothu