Capture a short animation in the form of a flipbook, using images from a DSLR camera.

Dance Heads

Make animated flip books from your photo booth images

Breeze Flipbook software allows users to capture themselves in a short animation, and then print out their photos in the form of a fun, fast to make, flipbook.

Print it

Use a dye sub printer for fast, high quality, water resistant prints. Use laser and ink jet printers for different types and sizes of media.

Bind it

Create flip books on the spot at your event. Books can be print, cut and bound in around 90 seconds.

Brandable & Flexible

Brand and customise your cover, pages and screens. Control the number of pages, book size and aspect ratio.

Green screen support

Create flipbooks with static or animated green screen backgrounds. Guests can choose up to 8 different backgrounds and cover options.

Flipbooks from GIFs

Print flipbooks from MP4's and GIFs created by Breeze Booth and 3D GIFs from Breeze Multi-Camera Array software.

Auto Hot Key Scripting

Support for AutoHotKey scripting

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