Breeze Booth
for iPad + iPhone

A powerful photo booth app that lets you create videos, GIFs, print digital images and design custom interfaces and experiences across multiple iOS devices.

Works with built in iPad cameras, or paired with a mirrorless/DSLR camera for professional results.

Free Full Feature Trial Open account / Buy subscription

US $49/month or $440/year - Per license.

iPad Photo Booth

Breeze Booth for iPad is Breeze's most powerful Photo Booth software yet. Unlock the potential of the incredible processing power of the iPad to create visually stunning photos, videos and GIFs.

Photo Booth

Create branded digital and printed photos with the built in iPad Cameras, or pair with a Canon camera for professional results.

Video Booth

Create stunning videos, complete with comprehensive auto editing. Perfect for 360 and Video Booths.

GIF Booth

Capture stills to create animated branded GIFs with custom animated overlays, filters, digital AR Props, and much more.

Photo Booth

Using Breeze Booth for iPad unlocks a vast array of creative features, to create everything from simple branded photos, to highly customised prints with customised text, filters and overlays.

AI Booth

Link AI image generation services to the power of Breeze Booth for iPad’s photo booth app.

Create, print and share AI generated images of guests at events.

Offer guests a choice of AI effects,

Tethered Shooting - Photographer Mode

Take control Photographer mode puts the photographer in control. Capture the action – photos are taken when the camera shutter is pressed, and camera settings are controlled from the camera.

Roam freely Internet is not required except for sharing. Photos are queued on the device if you lose your connection, and shared automatically when the connection improves.

Instant sharing Share photos directly from the app using email or SMS/MMS.

Skin Softening & Filters

Give your photos that soft, Hollywood glow with our built in Skin Softening filter. Pair it with the Black and White filter for that classic look. The strength of the Skin Softening filter can be easily adjusted in the Event Editor.

Add that creative touch to your photos, by choosing one of the built in colour filters, or create your own LUT file in Photoshop, for that totally custom look.

AI Background Removal

The magic of green screen, without the green screen! Breeze’s built in AI Background removal processes locally and allows you to insert any background you like. It can show you a live preview. No green screen. No 3rd party services.

Blending Modes

Bring the power of Photoshop style effects to your Photo Booth. Breeze Booth for iPad supports creating blending modes, including: lighten, darken, overlay, screen, hard light, soft light, multiply, luminosity and more.

AR Props

Create fun images with face tracking digital / AR props. Guests can choose from a menu of choices, or be automatically assigned a prop!

Powerful Video Booth Features

Breeze Booth for iPad adds revolutionary video features: 360 Auto Start, AI Background Removal, Key Framing, Slow Motion and the industry's most powerful video timeline editor. Take your 360 or Video Booth next level.

Grid Effect

Select from one of the built in grid effects, to add that extra wow to your shots.

AI Background Detection / Removal

Using the power of AI, remove backgrounds, and switch out for videos or images

Custom Edits & Overlays

Create totally custom auto edits with the Edit List. Key framing (zoom and pan), jump cuts, forward / reverse and much more.

Video Overlays

Apply video overlays with alpha transparency (supports .hevc videos)

Size and Placement

Adjust the size and placement of the video to create dynamic looks.

Panning & Zoom

Add pans and zooms to your video for a smooth way to add interest.

Total Design Flexibility

Breeze Booth for iPad is the industry's most configurable photo booth platform. Customise every aspect of the UI journey, to create highly engaging, fully brandable and fun photo and video booth experiences.

Video Screens with Alpha

Use .hevc and ProRes videos to create striking and engaging interfaces

White Label

Create a white labeled version of the App to make it look like your own.

Screen Fading

Add screen transitions to give a more fluid feel to the UI journey


Create "choose your own adventure" interfaces with menus and profiles

Customised Surveys

Create customised surveys, with keyboards, radio buttons, check boxes and more.

Design for Screen Orientation

Design specific UI experiences for both landscape and portrait screen orientations.

Printing and Sharing

Custom Print Layouts

Design photo strips, full size prints with full control over image placement, overlays, backgrounds, borders and more.

HTML Email Designs

Use the inbuilt Email Design to create simple emails or create your own HTML templates for total control

Background Email / SMS Sending

Emails and SMS send quietly in the background. No internet? Everything will queue and send when back online.

QR & Contactless

Create contactless experiences with the power of QR codes. From simple "scan to start" operations, through to fully customised data surveys and image personalisation.

Simple QR Generator

Create your own simple touch free booth at

Custom QR Operation

Create your own custom QR code, string actions and data together for powerful experiences.

QR Event Setup

Securely sync events, sign in to Breeze Booth and more with a QR Setup Code.

Plus So Much More

Centrally Managed

Deploy events to a fleet of iPads from your own servers

External Monitoring & App Control

Control and Monitor iPads remotely


Sync events to iPads using DropBox

GDPR Compliance

Fully GDPR Compliant

Works Offline

No internet required to operate the booth

White Label

Create a white labelled version of the app


Run a slideshow when idle

Gallery Mode

View previous sessions to re-share and re-print

Wired Printing

Print images on professional grade Dye Sub printers

AirPrint Support

Wireless printing to AirPrint compatible printers

XML Integrations

Integrate to 3d Party Apps with XML

MDB Payment Utility

Connect to Nayax Payment Terminals

BlueTooth Support

Control LED Lights and more with Bluetooth

URL Scheme Support

Control Breeze via Siri and iOS Automations

External Buttons, Sensors and Keyboards

Control Breeze with external buttons and sensors

Had a super insightful secret Master class with Chris Breeze on BREEZE BOOTH app. How cool is it to sit with all the big wigs in the industry and ask the same questions to learn together. Even with such great success, we still continue to learn. Breeze booth is crazy strong and so customizable. If you’re wanting to step outside the box that everyone is in and stand out, then you need to be able to put your own creativeness into it.

Minh Nguyen
Creative Director, Keopix

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