DSLR Remote Pro - tethered shooting for Canon cameras

also known as Breeze Booth (for Windows)

Unrivalled control of Canon EOS R, EOS M, EOS DSLR and PowerShot series cameras* from a Windows PC

Full camera control from a PC

Shoot Raw, JPEG, Raw + JPEG and video. Automatically download and display images on a PC.

Photo booths and event photographers

Design custom experiences, digital content and printed images with drag and drop simplicity.

Integrate with medical, industrial and scientific applications

Create custom solutions integrating Breeze with 3rd party software. Industry standard image formats are suitable for sharing with other devices and programs

Wide range of applications

Used worldwide for events, R&D, inspection and QA. digitizing images and museum collections, time lapse, product photography and astronomy

Raw, JPEG, Raw +JPEG, and video

Shoot in Raw, JPEG, Raw +JPEG and video

Large, high quality display

Full frame uncluttered display with optional live histogram

100% magnification

Zoom in for 100% magnification (actual pixels)

Auto and manual focus

Intuitive mouse wheel focus control

Blank screen before capture

Ensure light from the PC display doesn’t affect the subject lighting

Time lapse

Set start/stop date & time, interval and number of frames

Timed bulb exposures

Controlled from the PC

PC controlled zoom

Control camera zoom from PC (supported camera and lenses only)

Portrait and landscape

Support for landscape and portrait oriented cameras and screens

Auto Exposure bracketing

Auto bracketed sequences of up to 15 shots for HDR images

Focus stacking

Increase depth of field by combining images

Onion skinning

Display current live view image over a previous image help line up a shot

Event photography

Shoot from camera or PC

Button & Sensor Support

Start and stop recording using external buttons and sensors

Third party App support

Control and trigger cameras from third party applications including TDO

Auto Hot Key Scripting

Support for AutoHotKey scripting

Integrate your image editor

Automatically loads images into the editor or program of your choice

Photoshop Droplets

Process images using Photoshop Droplets

& more

Flashing highlights. Grid overlay for accurate alignment, Color management and sharpening ...

GDPR compliance

Ensure data collected and processed is GDPR compliant

TDO compatible

Used by Endodontists worldwide with Digital Office (TDO) software


Please see Partner Information below for important information on 3rd party programs and services.

Remote control of zoom

Remote control of Canon PZ-E1 power zoom adapter*. Zoom can also be controlled in the remote live view window and running a photo booth.

*Requires Canon EF-S 18-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS USM zoom lens and a compatible camera

Focus stacking

Useful for macro and close-up photography, landscapes, product photography and any other image where the depth of field is critical and the subject isn’t moving.

DSLR Remote Pro users include Yale’s Peabody Museum , Harvard Library Imaging Services and the Heberden Coin Room at Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum.

Partner Information

The ability to integrate third party applications such as TDO is subject to each third party concerned continuing to allow such interactions.

These features may cease to function or be removed without notice if the third party concerned no longer allows such interaction, or changes the method/protocol required.

I wanted to give you a little background of our use of your software, as well as also invite your or perhaps someone from your company to come see a course that I will be teaching ...

First of all, I am an endodontist, which is a specialty of dentistry, who practices entirely with the use of a surgical operating microscope. Due to the powerful capabilities to both operate as well as document through our microscopes, our philosophy has been to document every aspect of our patient's treatment with the use of a Canon DSLR coupled to our microscopes via a specialized photo adapter (lens). We utilize your DSLR Remote Pro program to trigger the camera, as well as save the images to our treatment room computer where our office software program (The Digital Office Software a.k.a. TDO) immediately places the images into the corresponding patient's chart. I figured that I would describe my use of your software as you may not always realize how many people you touch from a day to day basis. Needless to say that your software combined with photographic images has had a tremendous positive impact and is an enormous part of our world. So I just wanted to say thank you for that.

Scott Bentkover
Best Endodontics of Evanston

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